Dallas never made an attempt to re-sign Jason Terry

The Dallas Mavericks were once seen as one of the more aggressive franchises in the NBA when it came to free agent signings. Almost every summer they would be busy landing players in an attempt to bolster their lineup. But curiously, this offseason hasn’t gone quite that way.

They missed out on signing Deron Willams and Jason Kidd decided to spurn them to head to the Knicks, mainly because of the Mavs’ roster. And with those two deciding against Dallas, Dwight Howard is no longer in play.

Add in the departure of Jason Terry and one begins to wonder what is going on in Dallas. Now it’s one thing if Terry was unwilling to return to Dallas no matter what they offered. But it’s another when Terry wanted to return to the Mavs, but was never offered a chance to re-sign. And according to Terry, that’s exactly what happened.

“Boston was the first to call me and Doc Rivers got on the phone and said, ‘We need you, you’re our No. 1 priority,’ ” he told RF Sports Report, which followed Terry and his daughter’s AAU basketball team at a recent tournament in Orlando, Fla. “Had I got that same phone call from Dallas, I’d still be a Dallas Maverick.

“But I didn’t, so I’m on to bigger and better things and hopefully with that team, with the way they are structured right now we have another chance to win the championship.”

“Not many offers out there; I don’t know why,” Terry said. “We had about three teams that were looking at me. Dallas didn’t come to the table.”

“Yeah, very surprised, very surprised,” Terry said. “What I was able to do for the organization and in the community, I thought they would bring me back and they didn’t. So it’s life — something I’ll teach to my girls, too.”

It could be that the Mavs have committed to a complete rebuild, which could make some team very happy in the very near future. Because there’s just no way that Dirk Nowitzki is going to hang around in Dallas during a rebuild.

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  1. i know this may be asking alot but why want cuban just give allen iveson a call for a one year deal at the least if we are going to lose put some asses in the seats! isnt thats what its about anyway if your not playing for championships, putting asses in the seats!!

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