Cleveland Cavaliers reportedly new favorite to be third team in Dwight Howard trade

Much like all other Dwight Howard trade talk, take this with a grain of salt.

According to Ric Bucher of ESPN, the Cleveland Cavaliers have emerged as the new favorite to be the team that facilitates Dwight Howard being traded to the Lakers.

In the deal, the Cavaliers would get Andrew Bynum, the Lakers would get Dwight Howard, and the Magic would get Anderson Varejao and a slew of draft picks. Though this said to be merely a framework for a deal, Bucher shares a few interesting details about what’s going on behind the scenes.

Cavaliers GM Chris Grant was in Las Vegas watching summer-league action but made an unplanned return to Cleveland, sources say, and is not expected to return. In the frenzy of anticipating if, when and where Howard might be dealt, such otherwise innocuous events have been enough to inspire massive speculation that a deal is near.

Who knows if a deal is near. But we do know one thing. If we were running the Magic, there’s no way we would like this deal of what Houston can provide.

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