City of Grambling wants NCAA to vacate some of Joe Paterno’s wins

Grambling, Louisiana is home to prominent HSBCU Grambling State University. Legendary head coach Eddie Robinson coached at Grambling State for 57 years and at one point held the record for the most wins in the NCAA football with 408. That record was surpassed by Joe Paterno just two weeks before being fired by Penn State during the firestorm of the Jerry Sandusky scandal.

Now that the smoke has cleared and more and more details emerge about Paterno’s role in a possible cover-up, the city of Grambling has petitioned the NCAA to vacate some of Joe Paterno’s wins and return the wins record to Eddie Robinson.

The Grambling city attorney, in concert with Mayor Edward Jones, has sent a letter to the NCAA asking the college athletics governing body to vacate some of Penn State coach Joe Paterno’s wins in order to restore the Division I football victories record to Grambling State’s Eddie Robinson.

Pamela Breedlove of Bossier City sent a three page letter to the NCAA on Wednesday, explaining the city’s position regarding Robinson, who won 408 games in his 57-year career at Grambling State.

Breedlove’s letter, written in concert with Grambling mayor Edward Jones, cites the cover-up of recently convicted child molester Jerry Sandusky, a longtime Paterno assistant coach, as violating NCAA constitutional articles 2.4 and 6.4 as well as operating bylaws articles 2.4, 11.1.1 and 11.2.1.

Current Grambling State head coach Doug Williams also chimed in on the “interesting” timing of Paterno’s firing.

“Right after (Paterno) broke the record, they let him go,” said Grambling State football coach Doug Williams, who both played for Robinson and replaced him as the Tigers’ coach in 1998. “That’s interesting. A lot of people have reservations about the timing. The NCAA definitely has to review it and look at it. I’m a little biased toward coach Robinson, but the timing (of Paterno’s firing), if it had happened at the end of the year, it would have been something different.”

Of course, a wins record is trivial in the grand scheme of things. But since Paterno supporters are adamant about guarding a statue, they’ll surely fight to keep his wins record as well.

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  1. Fred Sanford says:

    I say if Grambling really wants Eddie Robinson to have the record this way, let him have it. Anyone who follows college football knows Joe Paterno won more games than he did. It’s like saying Pete Rose doesn’t really own the hits record…everyone knows that did actually get more hits than anyone else. In the grand scheme of life, I’m not really sure it matters whose name is in the book…they are both dead anyway. Kind of embarrassing to Grambling to seek to get back a record in this way, in my humble opinion.

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