Brett Favre couldn’t resist playing in 2010 because ‘the money was too good’

Here’s something that Vikings fans should be thrilled to hear. Remember back in 2010 when Favre led the Vikings to a 6-10 season? Where he threw 19 interceptions and only 11touchdowns? And had a quarterback rating of 69.9?

Remember when his teammates went down to Hattiesburg and convinced Favre to play one last season? Well, actually it wasn’t his teammates that convinced him to play in 2010. Instead, Favre was persuaded by the Benjamins. And as he told Deion Sanders in an interview on NFL Network, there was just too many Benjamins of Favre to pass up.

“First of all,” Favre said, “the money was too good. The money was too good. And I hate to say it’s about money. I felt the money was a lot. But the guys, I kind of felt like even though I knew it was going to be next to impossible [to duplicate the 2009 success] – I wouldn’t tell them [that]. Sidney [Rice], Jared [Allen], [Steve] Hutchinson and Adrian [Peterson], they were like, ‘Unfinished business.’ I just knew that it probably was finished.”

So there you have it Vikings fans. Brett Favre only came back in 2010 for the money. And to top it off, he knew the team would suck.

Isn’t Brett Favre just great?

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