Angela Bryant does not want to press charges against Dez Bryant

Dez Bryant’s mother Angela Bryant surely sounded like a woman ready to press charges on her son in her 911 call to police where she proclaimed, “He tried to kill me.” But as the days have passed and she has apparently cooled off, Angela Bryant has decided to not press charges against her son and to not cooperate with authorities.

Despite Angela Bryant’s decision, the state could still pursue charges against the Dallas Cowboys wide receiver, but without Angela Bryant, the state would be forced to rely on the 911 tape alone.

The district attorney’s office said Monday that “just like any family violence case, we still have to evaluate the case to determine how to proceed.”

Pete Schulte, a criminal defense attorney who used to handle similar cases for the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office, said the case is far from over.

“Regardless of what Dez’s mother wants to do, the state of Texas can pursue these charges without the mother being on board,” he said. “I mean, if the DA dismissed every case that the … alleged victim wanted to drop charges, 90 percent of the charges would get dropped.”

We’re not lawyers, but it seems that it’s going to be tough to bring a case against Dez Bryant without his mother onboard. But we could be wrong.

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