After just four pitches in Zack Greinke is ejected for spiking the baseball out of frustration

After a misplay in center field that placed the Astros’ Jordan Schafer on third, Zack Greinke got Jose Altuve to hit a ground ball to first. Grienke attempts to cover the bag for first baseman Corey Hart in time, but first-base umpire Sam Holbrook calls Altuve safe. Out of frustration, Greinke spike the ball into the ground and Holbrook responds by promptly ejecting him.

From there Brewers manager Ron Roenicke makes his way out of the dugout to get himself tossed as well. And this all happened after just four pitches by Greinke in the bottom of the 1st.


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  1. The Umpires this year are out of control. How about the one where they called Jack Hannahan out for the Indians when they played the Yankees and the guy falls over the wall and doesn’t even catch the ball. So what the guy spiked the ball into the ground. The Umpires need to give people a little leeway. This is professional sports and emotions can run high.

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