After all this fuss, police say Adrian Peterson will likely receive only a fine

We’ve seen the Adrian Peterson mugshot and arrest video. We’ve read the reports of how he was a “difficult customer” all night and how he shoved an off-duty officer. There’s also a report that Peterson has hired high profile attorney Rusty Hardin. Yes, the same Rusty Hardin that successfully defended Roger Clemens in his perjury case.

But despite all the reports and all the hubbub surrounding the case, police in Houston say that Peterson will likely receive only a fine.

Houston Police Department Spokesperson Kese Smith told and NFL Network on Monday that he would probably end up with a fine because Peterson’s charge is a misdemeanor.

Peterson is due back in court on Friday and has no known prior record. Smith said he’d believed that Peterson’s case would be adjudicated quickly. Peterson’s arrest document indicates he pushed a police officer and that Peterson knew the person was an officer.

Guess there’s really nothing here to see.

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