Woman found tied up in Aroldis Chapman’s hotel room charged with lying to police

Let’s recap for those of you that are unaware of this bizarre story involving Reds pitcher Aroldis Chapman. Back in a May, a woman was found tied up in Chapman’s hotel room during a Reds’ trip to Pittsburgh. Chapman’s room had been apparently been burglarized and the assailant tied the woman up when she refused to hand over various items that he demanded.

A day later, the woman, who has now been identified as Chapman’s girlfriend, was released by police to her husband. And if the story isn’t crazy enough already, the woman has seemingly changed her story multiple times. So now police have charged her with a count of false reports to law enforcement.

Claudia Manrique, 26, of Silver Spring, at first told Pittsburgh police she was alone in the room of Aroldis Chapman the night of May 29 when she was attacked by a man posing as a maintenance worker for the Omni William Penn.

She said the stranger tied her up with cloth napkins when she refused to relinquish a bag containing $200,000 worth of Mr. Chapman’s jewelry.

But under 12 hours of questioning, police said Ms. Manrique changed her story. She later told detectives she first encountered the assailant earlier at a Downtown CVS store, where he stole her wallet and threatened to hurt her female friend if she did not tell him her room number.

When he showed up at the room later in the night, she told police she let him in because she feared for her safety.
Ms. Manrique was at a loss to explain how the attacker knew Mr. Chapman’s jewelry was in the room in the first place, according to police reports.

Just what in the h#ll is going on here?

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