Video shows bias of HBO announcers during Pacquiao-Bradley fight

The Manny Pacquiao-Timothy Bradley fight has been discussed ad nauseam. We’ve heard from fight judge, Duane Ford. And we’ve heard how Timothy Bradley feels about his performance. But now it’s time to look at the fight from another angle. The HBO angle.

The video below attempts to point out the bias among the HBO analysts who did the fight. And from the looks of it, the video does a pretty good job.

H/T Mike

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  1. Mark bradley says:

    Ty i predicted Bradley would win and not just because we have the same name. I scored 115-114 for Bradley as i watched a week after the fight already knowing results and outrage so i gave tweener rds to pacman. i hope i can figure out how to get this on my facebook page so people can see what i was talking about. tyvm

  2. I have been complaining about the announcers for a while, especially larry merchant. He is the worst one. I did not see all the misses when I watched, but I did see that Tim did not get any credit. I think Manny felt like he lost that one. He fought mostly at the end of the rounds.

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