The “Good Job, Good Effort” young Heat fan has been found

Still hasn’t been 24 hours since the words, “Good Job, Good Effort” were said over and over by a young Miami Heat fan, but we’ve already seen a “Good Effort” t-shirt show up for sale. And now, the young fan that started it all has been tracked down by NBC Miami.

9-year-old Jack Meyer, who is pictured to the left, has been a fan of the Heat since he was 3 or 4 and is the young fan that attempted to give the Heat some positive reinforcement as they headed to the locker room after Game 5.

Jack has been a Heat fan since he was 3 or 4. He loves to play ball with his dad, and enjoys collecting the team’s memorabilia in his room. His Heat-themed bed is “super cozy,” he says.

So when people have the audacity to question whether the young Coral Gables hoops fan was mocking the Heat, the passion in his voice makes it obvious where he stands.

“LeBron James was fighting so hard, Shane Battier, Udonis Haslem. Chris Bosh only played 14 minutes, yet one of his best games,” he said.

And there you have it.

UPDATE: Here’s the full interview with young Jack.

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  1. joe hammer says:

    The media could use some pointers from this 9 yr old instead of always going the negative route of blame blame blame when sometimes your best doesn’t end up in a win.

    • Ray Ward says:

      Exactly. This also shows that these overpaid, egotistical pro athletes owe these young fans their best effort and to show the importance of playing as a team and being class individuals on and off of the court. They need to realize the impact they have in so many kid’s lives, not unlike this young man and yes they are role models, whether Barkley thinks so or not!

      • RonHanse says:

        Wrong. THIS also show that jealous, bitter, self-centered cowards owe the many kids on the internet better posting behavior than spouting off about someone else’s earnings. Just write that you are TOO LAZY OR TOO STUPID to work as hard as pro athletes to get the same paychecks as these athletes and implore any child reading your meanderings to learn what not to do from your example. Remember, your drivel of a post implicitly admits that you accept being a role model, while Barkley clearly and expressly declared that players are not (unless a player declares other wise). By the way, I will remove the coward label from you when you walk up to any NBA player and verbally state your post. I won’t hold my breath, coward.

  2. Good job. Good effort.


    • Jack Mehoff says:

      Can you at least care about you Caps Lock button? lol. Now go make some friends.

    • Martin Driscoll says:

      Are you being facetious or are you spouting off? Dude, I think anyone who read the story cares a little bit, now on the other hand a person could say “WHO CARES WHAT PAUL DRENDEL” has to say and judging from the depth of your commentary no one one. But hey Paul….Thank’s for sharing.

    • stephan maurice says:

      wow Paul you’re gonna make a real nice dad, or big brother or whatever, if you already are then I feel sorry for all of them.

    • Your statement says all we need to know about you……glad we’ve never met….Do the world a favour and do NOT reproduce.

    • No one more than cares what idiots like you say…

    • Tom Hamilton says:

      A lot of people care what a kid thinks——-as opposed to the number of people who care what YOU think, and that is ZERO on this board and ZERO everywhere else, I am guessing.

    • FreeAgentID says:

      Ill timed! Who cares what you think?!

    • Phillip Huizinga says:

      Paul gets the Douche award of the day.

  4. Looks like the “Good Job Kid” has a toupee! Your Heat are losers so get used to it kid!

  5. Valdez Mang says:

    I agree, this kid loves his homies. Im no heat fan but you need that support to help get the confidence to win the next game, or next season. He gives a great message that goes beyond basketball to never give up, win or lose, give a good job and effort and you will always have your pride.
    RIP Spurs! 🙁
    Good run, good run

  6. Jack Mehoff says:

    I envy his positivity, especially when it’s so misplaced. It wasn’t a very good effort. I will never understand how these guys can fall short of giving their all. The fans seemed more emotionally invested than the athletes playing the game.

    • stephan maurice says:

      Jack you can’t understand because you have never played the game! Nobody can be 100 per cent all the time;

  7. bizjack45 says:

    Really?? Nice!

  8. PatrickLA says:

    I’d give him season tickets in the front row! He is a true fan, not some rich overpaid celebrity who shows up just to be seen! Nice kid! Good job kid!

  9. David Gamboa says:

    Funny how all the people inside the AA are all disappointed and down, and this kid was the only one (or at least, one of the few) who appreciated the effort of the Miami Heat players while everyone was already writing the Heat off. They played one heck of a game, Boston just fought harder and made smarter plays. I’m a Celtics fan but I would expect a monster effort from LeBron James come Game 6. Hope my C’s are ready for that.

  10. CavalierKong says:

    Gotta love this kid’s enthusiasm. He embodies the essence of the quintessential fan. Way to go, kid!! Show ’em how it’s done!!

  11. Midnight Owl says:

    I specifically recall what my first reaction was when I heard this young fan encouraging his team: very naive. But he is, after all, only nine. So he was just regurgitating what he has been hearing all along, either from his soccer coaches, t-ball or basketball coaches. “Great job, great effort.” I don’t know when they start teaching kids who play sports the reality of the games, though, since my kids are all grown and in the real world where “Great job” only accompanies signing the contract or, in this case, winning the game. The problem with the philosophy that permeates many of the young adults today is they never graduated to the idea that success means winning. We are so afraid of hurting their self esteem, we tell them there are no losers, only winners. Everyone gets a participation trophy, so the trophy means nothing. Well guess what, the San Antonio Spurs didn’t get a trophy last night. The Oklahoma City Thunder did. That is how life works. That is why there is a scoreboard at every game (although they might as well eliminate them from soccer games). And professional athletes, unlike kids, don’t need to be told “Great job, good effort” because they get paid to put out all the effort they have. And by the way, we aren’t even fooling the kids. When I coached t-ball many years ago, the adults didn’t keep track of the score, but the kids did.

    • CoachBo says:

      Good post. Finally someone who gets this “everyone wins” nonsense.

      Good job, kid. Good effort. Your team is done tonight.

    • RICK McP says:

      “When I coached t-ball many years ago, the adults didn’t keep track of the score, but the kids”s”……sure the adults kept track of the score–but they just tried hard NOT to talk about it with the kids!


    • ESonger says:

      Did you really just accuse his father or uncle of molesting him?! SMH.

      • Wow Joe, since you couldn’t read it and understand why it was mentioned, I’ll help you out. He has a Heat comforter and sheet set, also there is help for u its called hooked on phonics.

    • Wow Joe, Isee where your mind is, maybe it’s really you that want to molest him. There’s always someone that’s got to bring up some baseless allegations because they suck at life and want to bring everyone else down with them.

    • Joe, what the Hell is wrong with you?

  13. you are a tool paul

  14. Lol, Miami.

  15. I care what the kid thinks. It shows he is a true sports fan and it shows good sportmanship. He understands that sometimes when you try your best, sometimes the other guy is just better on a given day. Kudos to his parents.

  16. that was terrible defense

  17. Driving5 says:

    Give me a break, well done media, give the 9 year old his 15 minutes. Tho he looks old enough and qualified enough to be Spoelstra’s (sp?) assistant.

  18. Hope the heat lose says:

    Hey little kid, Lebron cares so much about his fans. Just ask those little kids in cleveland how much he cares about them now.
    here’s an early life lesson, never praise lebron james. he will only hurt you.

  19. Pockafella says:

    Kid is HOPELESS, this is EXACTLY who miami fans are…clearly their “idols” did not show up or even care about the game and this loser kid shouts “good job, good effort”?

    A 9 year old philly fan gets it, and wouldve let his team/idols hear it.

    Someone needs to tell this kid winning DOES matter in life and he shouldnt accept mediocrity.This kid probably plays soccer year round and has never not gotten a trophy.

    Thats HEAT FAN for you, they can badly lose at home in a swing game, legacies on the line….but as long as bron-bron gets an alley-oop, heat fan considers it a “win”

    Terribly disappointed with this kids parents. If that was my kid, I wouldve covered his mouth, dragged out of the arena and grounded him for a month for acting like a complete tool.

  20. Raveen Rama says:

    Midnight Owl:
    Great job! Good effort! terms did not originate from soccer. As far as I know it is an American thing. Most countries don’t reward good for a not so good performance.
    Also, in soccer the scoreboard is a huge part of the game, only in the kids’ AYSO organization administered games in the US it does not matter who wins because their motto is “everyone plays”. That is everyone gets an opportunity to play. And little kids don’t care who wins! Is that a bad thing?

  21. Dear Jesis, Please crash the Heat's plane says:

    lebron leaving cleveland was worst than 9-11

    • taxexpert says:

      You may have lost Lebron in Cleveland, but at least you didn’t lose your whole team like we did in Seattle!

  22. TexasRancher says:

    This is what is wrong with society .. the nobody is a loser, thus nobody is a winner.

    It is sports, they keep score for a reason and They didnt give it a good effort anyway …. a Loser is a Loser

  23. Wow, I am several kinds of smarter for reading these brilliant comments :\

  24. Look, He is a great kid. LIVES in Miami!!! Yeah Who cares what he thinks but who cares what you think???? He tried to do a good thing and everyone thinks it funny. I don’t want Miami to even get to the finals!!! But I think that kid is COOL! “ME” L.A. Guy, That is why I love MY Lakers, We didn’t get Paul, We did alot better than most thought we could, we have a good organization we’ll be fine… YAY.

  25. Steve Larson says:

    I’m no heat fan, but good grief, lay off the kid. He’s got loyalty and class. He’s 9!!!! I thought it was pretty cool to hear his sincere attempt to encourage some guys who could really use encouragement.

    I’m ecstatic that the Heat decided not to show up for game 5 and that they did not do a good job or give a good effort. I only hope that they stay in the same mode for game 6. I never thought anyone could make me root for the Celtics, but Heat, you’ve done it!

  26. Xolodnyj says:

    It’s funny the things people latch onto. I watched the game and when Miami lost and they were walking out, I heard this as well. I thought it was just a fan trying to say something nice to the team. I don’t know why someone felt that it needed reporting or the fan needed hunting down. But you know, sometimes people just appreciate a good game. If the Celtics would have lost, it would been reported how old they are. Heat lost, so they supposedly choked. But the kid put it best “good effort, good game” and as a sports fan (my team was already eliminated), that is all we can hope for.

  27. FreeAgentID says:

    Go Jack! Standing by your team.

  28. This kid is a believer and there is nothing wrong with that. This series is not over and I think Jack likes his chances. Why have a favorite team if you don’t believe in them. Way to go young man, don’t listen to any of these negative comments, you know your team better than anyone. I’m not a Heat fan but I love this kids devotion!!

  29. PAUL DRENDEL what a loser!!!!!!! what an idiot!!!!!! what a jackass!!!!!!! GOOD EFFORT PAUL!!!!!! GOOD JOB PAUL !!!!!!! GREAT JOB PAUL!!!!!!! Pauls comments about the kid “STUPID !!!!!” The kid showing us he has more class than PAULY THE ASS!!! PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!

  30. It is unfortunately that our Star (really?) commentator of ESPN Van Gundy do not let his personal agenda against the Heat and do some balance comments.
    How ESPN let this person make all kind of critics against Miami and all Loads and Heil to the other teams. Come on, he does not respect himself, neither his job, neither the players or the public who has to hear this kind or parcialized comments.

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