Texas Tech is threatening to cancel game if it’s broadcasted on Longhorn Network

Ever since the University of Texas and ESPN merged to form the Longhorn Network, Big 12 teams have been upset and some even have left the conference. You can now add Texas Tech to the list of teams that have a problem with the network. The Red Raiders play Texas State on Sept 8 but according to RedRaidersSports.com, Texas Tech is “adamantly opposed to playing on the Longhorn Network” and is “putting serious consideration into canceling the game and playing an 11 game schedule” this fall.

“We are extremely disappointed,” the source told RRS. “Our hope is that the Texas State game will be played on a primary ESPN platform.”

While Tech would face a significant buyout if it canceled the game, there is no NCAA rule mandating that teams play 12 games a season.

Contractually, the Western Athletic Conference, of which Texas State is a member, has the right to determine the broadcast partner for the game. Tech, however, has always expressed reservations about appearing on the Longhorn Network. Last year, ESPN approached the university about airing it’s conference game against Texas but Tech refused.

It’ll be very interesting to see how ESPN handles this one.

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