Roger Federer yelled at French Open fans to ‘shut up’

What Roger Federer does here doesn’t put him on the same planet with James Blake when it comes to acknowledging onlookers in the middle of a match. Because frankly, nothing will ever top Blake going after Pam Shriver.

But unlike Blake, Federer chose to go after fans during his French Open match against Juan Martin Del Potro on Tuesday.

A frustrated, Federed yelled “shut up” to crowd after there was noise from the crowd during the second-set tiebreaker. Which he obviously lost.

[Busted Racquet]

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  1. Sometimes, these loud inconsiderate fans really need to be told to shut up. Roger put in a nicer way. I’d probably curse if I were on the verge of losing.

  2. Flotsam says:

    He didn’t go after “fans” – he shouted at the individual twit who yelled “OUT!” during his rally, sounding like a line judge. The spectator should have been ousted.

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