Phil Mickelson complains about fans using cell phones while on the course by texting while on the course

Phil Mickelson withdrew from Memorial last week after shooting an opening round 79 citing, “mental fatigue”. But apparently, metal fatigue wasn’t the only thing plaguing Mickelson.

According, Mickelson and other golfers took issue with the multitude of fans using their cellphones to take pictures while on the course. So logically, Mickelson decided to pull out his cellphone and send a text message to PGA Tour Commissioner Tim Finchem while on the course.

Oh Phil.

The issue at Memorial was cellphones, which contributed to Phil Mickelson withdrawing after an opening round of 79. Mickelson, Bubba Watson and Rickie Fowler mentioned the vast number of fans taking pictures with their phones, to the point players had to back off their shots.

Mickelson is not afraid to send a message to the tour — in this case, literally.

According to four people with direct knowledge, Mickelson sent a text message to PGA Tour Commissioner Tim Finchem from the sixth fairway at Muirfield Village suggesting that a lack of policing fans with cellphones was getting out of hand.

Mickelson withdrawing for what he called “mental fatigue” is not a tour violation. Players can withdraw for any reason after completing a round. Using a phone to send the commissioner a text is another matter, though the tour doesn’t disclose any disciplinary actions.

If nothing else, one official said it got the tour’s attention.

Yes, there’s an issue with cellphone use amongst fans. But you don’t help matter when we hear that you too had your cell phone with you the course.

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  1. Joe Carney says:

    Phil Mickelson is one if not the only respectable athletes in sports today, I support him 150%,
    Anyone else feels different I feel sorry for you and in turn have no respect for you!

  2. joe hammer says:

    Phil you never would have made a good baseball player or basketball either as fans make noise and jump up and wave arms beat plastic bats together that teams pass out at NBA games to try to make players miss free throws and those athletes just call it pressure they enjoy with a make or hit.Geez can your kids have any fun at home when you are practicing your putting or your crazy good chip shots or do you make them go to their room for breathing too loud???. I would like to see golf let the fans be more like other sports and let the fans call out Noonan when your putting Phil,can I get you a hanky for your crying big boy ?

    • Joe Carney says:

      I wish we didn’t have the same first name, you obviously don’t play golf, but it not even close to baseball and definitely not basketball, there is more skill and concerntration involved and obviously have neither!


  3. It is ironic that Phil uses his cell phone to send his complaint ! However,I agre with him.What I hate more then anything are the idiot’s walking around or standing next to you talking out loud into their blue-tooth! Fricking idiot,no one wants to here your latest big sale or whatever !

  4. Boondogle says:

    You guys are idiots. Just swing the club and stop your bitching. Didn’t affect Tiger

    • Jack Penny says:

      Doesn’t affect Tiger? Have you ever been on the course with him. He is one of he biggest jerks to the fans there are, makes it a point to single a fan out every round and light them up so everyone else will give him perfect silence and often will ask for a fan to be removed. Tiger is a bad example for patience. They definitely censor Tiger’s outbursts. What you see and hear on TV are nothing compared to who he really is like.


  5. Bud Dridge says:

    I’ve always been a big fan of Phil’s. Don’t use my cell phone for anything other than talking, but come on Phil, they’re not talking or yelling they’re taking pictures—-no flashes, no nothing. Lighten up!!!

  6. gwilliams says:

    Ever been to a gymnastics meet? Try and do a back flip on a 6″ wide balance beam while another competitor is on the flloor with music blasting. Then there are the fans screaming while another competitor is on the bars. Wait, what about the vault. One slight miss and it could be lights out. Give me a break…..gentlemans sport. Lighten up!!!!!!!!!

    • TO: gwilliams

      Big whoop a de do about doing a back flip on a freaking poll the gymnast is not playing for a million dollars. You have just won the Stupid award ***STUPID***

  7. Salsacha says:

    Happy Gilmore was just a movie people. Have some fucking class!!

  8. grannie says:

    maybe all fans should walk away from any hole Phil is on so he can play his game and do this for a while to see if his game improves for him. ALL THE PHIL FANS SHOULD TRY THIS LETS SEE WHAT HAPPENS LOL

  9. Mickelson is an A__-HOLE

  10. Obviously, those who want to compare golf to the “ball” sports forget those “ball” players have multi-million dollar contracts and get paid whether they play well or not! They are not putting a lot of money on the table EACH GAME they play. If they have an off day, they get it back next game and they still get paid. And, with golf, you don’t just need to make a few good baskets, or strikes, or a .295 batting average, etc. to make a some mutli-million dollar living. You must put together multiple contiguous shots, four days in a row, to play well and get paid well.

    Phil Mickelson is one of the most patient, nice, and respected players in golf. His skill may not be a break even with Tiger’s – – but Tiger can’t come close to the gentelman Phil is nor does he garner the respect. And obviously those who think Tiger doesn’t mind a camera going off when in his back swing, have never watched Tiger play! Remember Stevie taking the camera from the fan?

    We all get frustrated. At least Phil didn’t start swearing at the fans and thowing his clubs like some have been known to do. Some fans are have absolutely no regard for the players and it’s time more were removed from the galleries for their antics. Remember, gold is a gentle person’s sport.

  11. Genuine says:

    Was it really an issue with cell phones or was it something else? He cited “mental fatigue” as his reason for withdrawing, but he complains about cell phones. It makes you wonder, actually.

  12. Gregg Giancola says:

    At one time cell phones wer not permitted thru the gate. Now that cell phones are permitted, they shuld be kept on vibrate and used for emergency only. As for taking pictures, you can take pictures while the pros are practicing or between holes. As for Tiger, go to an event and you will see the real person which is not so pleasant.

  13. Michael Errickson says:


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