People close to DeSean Jackson reportedly concerned about his finances because of rap label

When DeSean Jackson is not playing football for the Philadelphia Eagles, he is concentrating on his record label, Jaccpot Records. As CEO, Jackson spends his time discovering new rappers and pushing rappers Kid Cali and Gillie Da Kid who are signed to the label. And when Jackson is not doing his CEO duties, he’s working on his own rhymes and even makes an appearance on the label’s Jaccpot compilation album. All of which he is reportedly contributing some of his personal money to fund.

To Jackson, this seems to be a hobby that he’s passionate about. But what Jackson sees as a hobby, others see as a distraction. And to take it a step further, a few people close to Jackson see this as a hobby that could end up ruining him financially.

An example that those people will point to is a video shoot that the label is shooting where a Lamborghini was rented and diamond chains were worn. And they are concerned that some of this is being done on Jackson’s dime.

Even under the assumption that there are sponsorships taking some of the pain out of these bills, there are still plenty of expenses to go around. There’s studio time. Travel. And, yes, Lamborghini rentals. As the CEO, that is Jackson’s load to bear.

It’s a champagne and diamond world he’s funding, and it ain’t cheap.

Some close to Jackson are worried. The level of concern ranges from “This is an unnecessary distraction in the prime of a promising football career,” to “If he stays on this course he could end up in significant financial distress.”

To those who look at the situation pragmatically, it is an unnecessary risk. Why gamble on an industry stymied by 99-cent downloads and filled with temptations of the highest order?

Even with those risks and the concerns, Jackson does not plan to put the label on the back burner.

“It’s just a different lifestyle and things like that I’m getting into,” says Jackson, “and just kind of helping out my boys that I grew up with, and just hopefully make it a career as far as rapping and things like that.”

You can’t blame the guy for pursuing his passion, but to do so at the expense of a budding NFL career is definitely not smart. Let’s hope that’s not what he’s doing.

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