NFLPA says Saints employees fear retribution from NFL for truthful bounty testimony

The NFLPA continues its crusade to discredit any and all claims that the NFL have brought against the New Orleans Saints. And with the four suspended players awaiting the outcome of their appeals, the NFLPA took its crusade to another level.

Back on June 11, the NFLPA sent a letter to Roger Goodell requesting that Saints coach Sean Payton, general manager Mickey Loomis, assistant head coach Joe Vitt, and former defensive coordinator Gregg Williams all be present to testify during the players appeal hearing. But according to a subsequent letter by the NFLPA to Goodell, none of them want to testify in fear of retribution from the league.

As lawyers for the four suspended New Orleans Saints players await evidence from the NFL on Friday that will — at the least — outline the league’s position heading into Monday’s appeals hearings; the NFL Players Association sent a letter to the league Thursday claiming current, former or suspended Saints employees fear “retribution” from the NFL if they provide truthful testimony into the “bounty” scandal.

Those witnesses’ fears could be alleviated should the NFL compel them to attend the appeal hearings and testify, according to a letter sent from the NFLPA’s legal counsel to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, who will hear the player appeals.

On Thursday, the NFL declined to comment on the NFLPA’s requests and its claim witnesses feared retribution.

Creating a narrative that Payton and company are afraid to testify makes sense from the player’s side. They are all NFL employees and subject to Roger Goodell’s wrath so the NFLPA wants us to think they are faced with a choice: toe the company line or tell the truth. And since the player’s stance is that this never happened, it makes sense that the NFLPA is trying to force Goodell’s hand with these letters.

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