NFL creating an anonymous tip line to report bounties

While the denials that there was never a Saints bounty program continue to get louder and louder, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell continues to stay the course of ridding the league of bounties.

After meeting with Sen. Dick Durbin of Illinois on Wednesday, Goodell announced that the NFL would be creating a tip line for players to report “infractions”. The tip line would allow players to anonymously inform the league of the existence of bounties and bounty programs.

“We’ve taken very strong action to make sure they’re not part of sports going forward,” Goodell said at a news conference after a brief meeting with Sen. Dick Durbin of Illinois, the second-ranking Democrat in the Senate. “And that the integrity of our game and the safety of our players is paramount. And that we’re going to take very aggressive steps to protect that.”

Along with the tip line, the NFL will send out communication to its teams “making it extremely clear that we have a policy, we’ve had a policy, and we will enforce our policies against bounties if violations occur.” They will also add a “bounties” section to player handbooks and hang posters promoting the tip line in locker rooms.

We find it hard to believe that a tip line would work. It’s hard to see someone dropping a dime on their own organization. Now, what we could envision is player’s accusing other teams of having bounty programs. And that’s where things could get out of control.

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  1. Just like a democrat to get the government involved in our football … Just more needless regulations/citizen spying!.. Z

  2. The NFL is encouraging snitching!

  3. Saul Reyes says:

    “Bounties” exist from Pop Warner on, far and above. Either in bets between players or rewards as even popsicles from coaches or fathers.
    I don’t mean to say that football is a dirty sport, it is just a violent one.

  4. jaygrimes03 says:

    No player that values their career is going to use goodell’s “1-800-SNITCH” line, once a anonymous tip is made on their organization, the NFL will investigate and just like they did hargrove they will out that player to validate their claims of proof of a bounty program. that “rat” will be blacked ball throughout the league as not only being bad teammate but disloyal to any team that will sign them, unless a superstar(brady, manning, calvin johnson) comes foward with info, it will never work. All you gonna have are hundreds of false claims made by (1) disgruntled former players of those teams that got cut looking for payback or (2) teams making false claims against other teams looking for a edge before a game or even worse the playoffs!

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