New Jersey Devils offer Charlie Sheen tickets, smoking balcony

Charlie Sheen learned the hard way that re-entry to the Staples Center in Los Angeles is not allowed. Even if he only stepped outside to smoke. And since Sheen missed Game 4, the New Jersey Devils are offering tickets to Sheen. But that’s not all. They are also offering him a smoking balcony.

Oh those New Jersey Devils. Once upon a time they didn’t even want fans of opposing teams in their building. Now, they’re begging Charlie Sheen to come to their building.

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  1. Staples has a smoking balcony but Sheen either didnt know about it or thought he was bigger than the rules. I bet if you leave The Rock they dont let you back in either.

  2. I met Charlie and Emelio at the Ren Faire in Aguora back in the mid 80’s and they were both very, very cordial and accomadating to a drunk knucklehead (me) and spoke with me for 10-20 minutes before one of the chicks they were with dragged them off. At the time I was a big Emelio fan but thought they were both cool for speaking to me and wish them both the best even though Charlie appears to be on the verge. If he is I hope he realizes and does what he needs to. The Sheen family are amazing talents one and all. ( Even though I can see the side of the Staples Center guard).

  3. The rules are put in place for safety reasons. If Charlie doesn’t want to follow them he should not attend the event. Charlie is not winning, in my eyes he’s a total loser, he needs to wake up and smell the coffee, realizng he’s just making a fool of himself.

  4. Richard says:

    The previous post expresses my feelings as well. Rules are established for the general welfare of everyone. Moreover, if everyone simply decided for themselves which rules of law they would follow there would be complete mayhem throughout society.

  5. NASTY702 says:

    Look, I have to cater and give special treatment to doctors and there freinds who come in our facility for mri scans. I dont think its fair but my boss thinks so. Its called customer service, I think they should of allowed him back in no questions asked. This treatment goes on everywhere, everywhere? Yeah EVERYWHERE!

  6. A couple thoughts:
    Yeah, Charlie more than likely thought he was above the ‘no re-entry rule”. That being said, people challenge convention all the time…women and breast feeding in public, gay lifestyles, smoking marijuana in public just to name a few. I have no issues with any of these aforementioned things…why is it as a smoker, i can’t just have a little place outside to smoke? You can argue all the health-issues that you want to, but i smoke, i try to be courteous to non-smokers, and all my non-smoking friends have no issue with me when i smoke outside at their homes. I put the butts in the trash, stay away from the kids and other non-smokers.
    Dodger Stadium lets you go outside to a little area and smoke, and you can come back in. Staples Center used to have a smoking balcony outside, but i am not sure if they do anymore. The solution is simple: adults need to be more tolerant of other adults and what they choose to do. Put out some ashtrays and give the smokers a place to smoke. At the same time, let others do what they need or want to do and stop worrying about everyone else.

  7. Staples Center has a smoking area. Its up outside by the 300 section facing LA Live

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