Mike Orstein and Gregg Williams reportedly told Roger Goodell that bounty emails were jokes, Goodell was not convinced

You remember Mike Orstein, don’t you? He is the two time felon who sent those emails pledging money for the Saints bounty pool. One of which was a pledge for a “knockout blow” to Aaron Rodgers.

From the start Orstein has maintained that the emails were sent in jest. Sean Payton even claimed to not have read them. So when it was time to meet with Roger Goodell, Orstein continued to insist just that. Even reportedly telling Goodell that the emails were jokes.

Obviously, Goodell didn’t believe Orstein, but it seems that Gregg Williams also insisted to Goodell that the emails were jokes. Which evident in the text message to the left reportedly sent from Williams to Orstein acquired by ESPN.

According to two sources who have seen it, Ornstein gave the NFL and the NFL Players Association a text that he said came from Williams, saying, “I stood up for you & told them just that. I told them we never took that (stuff) serious. I never ever saw you ever give $ and that’s just the truth.”

The text message will be used as “evidence” by the suspended players to defend themselves against the “alleged activities that the National Football League has grossly misrepresented to the public.”

Here’s the problem for the NFL. The NFLPA contends that Goodell tossed out evidence from the players because he was not “convinced”. This just plays into their argument that Goodell is just too powerful for his own good. And instead of fairly examining all evidence, he is just concerned with making an example out of the Saints whether they are guilty or not. Something that could be problematic for the NFL going forward.

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