Mat Latos’ wife Dallas at the center of a Jose Valverde spitball controversy

Last night during the Reds-Tigers game, Detroit pitcher Jose Valverde appeared to spit in his glove, while the ball was in it, before grabbing dirt from the mound and gripping the ball.

Valverde’s actions led to a Reds fan uploading a slow motion video as well as a full speed video to YouTube accusing Valverde of throwing a spitball.

The video probably would’ve just faded away into a dark hole in the internet had it not been for Reds pitcher Mat Latos’ wife Dallas who tweeted the link to the videos. And from there, a controversy was born.

Of course Dallas has deleted her tweet and even goes as far to claim that she “accidently deleted” the tweet. Right.

At any rate, here are the two videos that show Valverde’s actions.

Here it is in normal speed.

And here it is in slow motion.

What do you think?

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