Just in case you’re wondering, the Celtics haven’t practiced since April

It goes without saying that a veteran squad like the Boston Celtics don’t exactly need to practice sets and situations on a regular basis. The core has pretty much seen it all but. Throw in injuries to Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, and Avery Bradley and it’s pretty obvious that Doc Rivers would want his team to get as much rest as they could possibly get during the playoffs.

Despite all of that, one would think that the Celtics would sprinkle in at least a couple practice sessions just to add a wrinkle in here or there. But they haven’t. And that makes the fact that they are one win away from the NBA Finals even more impressive.

The last time the Celtics practiced was before the start of the playoffs in April — and that was only because they were given an extra day between the end of the regular season and the start of their first-round series with the Atlanta Hawks. They have done nothing in the playoffs but watch film and go through game plans on day-of-game shootarounds. It is Allen Iverson’s ideal situation.

“It’s been a while,” Rondo said. “Obviously, we’re in the Eastern Conference finals, so it hasn’t hurt us.”

Rivers is not the only coach who has cut back on off-day workouts, but he may be the only one who has eliminated them. The Heat practiced before the start of the Celtics series — they had three days to prepare — and Oklahoma City and San Antonio had plenty of off days before they met in the Western Conference finals.

Guess Allen Iverson was right about the importance of practice.

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