Jonathon Papelbon promises $5,000 for walkoff home run, Jime Thome hits walkoff home run

Usually, the story here would be Jim Thome hitting his 609th career home run in the Phillies 7-6 win over the Tampa Bay Rays. But that was overshadowed by the fact that moments before Thome’s home run, Phillies closer Jonathon Papelbon promised $5,000 to anyone that walked off the Rays.

Papelbon’s promise came after blowing a 6-4 lead in the 9th inning and storming into the dugout upset that he blew his first save chance in 18 outings.

“I came in the clubhouse, and I said ‘Whoever walks this guy off, I’ll give ’em five grand.’ I didn’t think Jim would do it right off the bat. … I just wrote him a check for $5,000.”

Here’s video of the home run that added $5,000 to Jim Thome’s wallet.

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