Jim Rome asks David Stern if the lottery was rigged, David Stern asks Jim Rome if he still beats his wife

NBA commissioner David Stern joined Jim Rome earlier today to talk about a myriad of basketball topics. It starts off well enough with the commissioner boasting about playoff ratings and even responding to the perceived problems with AAU.

But things take a turn for the awkward when Rome asked Stern about possible corruption in the NBA.

Here’s how it went down. Rome asks Stern was the lottery fixed. Stern obviously denies it and Rome hits Stern with a follow up question. Obviously frustrated and arrogant, Stern responds “Do you still beat your wife?”

From there Stern goes on in his condescending tone attacking Rome saying he’s made a career out of “cheap thrills”. And to top it off, he informs Rome that he needs to get off the phone “to call someone more important, like Stephen A. Smith.”

Full interview below.

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