Jim Buss: Don’t expect major changes for the Lakers

Once the Lakers were bounced from the playoffs in the 2nd round by the Oklahoma City Thunder, most people believed that it was given that major changes were on the horizon. Pau Gasol has routinely been rumored to be on the trade block and just yesterday, Ramon Sessions decided to opt-out of his contract and become a free agent. So it seemed that the wheels were already in motion for the overhaul of the Lakers.

But while we all believe that changes are and should be coming, Jim Buss doesn’t believe that. In fact, despite everyone around him, including Magic Johnson, Buss maintains that there won’t be major changes during the offseason. And Lakers fans should expect to largely see the same team from last season, just with some coaching tweaks.

“Bring it on,” says Buss, “where do you want to start?”

What are the chances of the Lakers starting the season with Bryant, Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol all in Lakers uniforms?

“Very good,” says Buss.

So you don’t agree with those who say the Lakers must turn Gasol into two or three players via a trade?

“No,” he says. “I think changes are going to be made moving Pau lower to the basket. We can improve that way with a change in coaching strategy rather than a change in personnel.”

No moves?

“We will try to sign Sessions when the rules allow beginning in July,” he says. “And improve the bench.”

No major free-agent signings, no blockbuster trades?

“No,” he says.

This is definitely not the news that most Lakers fans want to hear. Especially with Dwight Howard and Deron Williams possibly on the market.

Maybe the Lakers can be fixed with a few coaching tweaks. We really don’t know. But it seems a little outlandish to not explore shaking things up with some of the names that may be available.

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  1. Coaching tweaks won’t do it. It was the attitude of the players. They do not trust nor listen to the existing coach. All what is really needed is a change of a capable, respectable coach and and fortify the bench, and a real good point guard. A coach that demand respect and not afraid to be fired.

  2. The Lakers is one the oldest teams in the NBA..what they need is to infuse some young-bloods in the team, a major roster shake-up might also be a priority. An upgrade in coaching staff and techniques is also a necessity.

  3. 45 Year Laker Fan says:

    Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy….why the sour-puss face all the time??? Wake up and smell the locker room buddy…We can’t compete with the kids for a 7 game series…keep Barnes and Blake and blow up the rest of the bench…Sessions thinx he’s all that??? See ya…let Blake & Jason Kidd run the point…

  4. Matt Guirguis says:

    I agree with Jim Buss. Although as a Laker fan I had expected the team to be ‘Bl;own-up’, however; when I thought about it, adding a couple of other players to the team will enhance the Lakers’ chances of getting back to the finals. Consider getting Michael Beasley or signing Steve Nash for a couple of years. Maybe even (dare I say) Ray Allen to a couple of years. Perhaps look at the possibility of signing Lamar Odom. Anyway, these are my thoughts.

  5. aaron ford says:

    how about grooming the guys you already have getting them ready for the upcoming season goudelock, morris and ebanks they have plenty of talent they just need the playing time. why draft them if you are not going to utilize them for their talents. ive never understood why the lakers traded for ramon sessions when they could have given morris that opportunity. when kobe was a rookie they put the team in his hands and he screwed up a lot but look how he turned out. who say that goudelock, morris and ebanks wont turn out the same way.

  6. Its a shame that Jim Buss thinks the Lakers are contenters with the current roster the way it is. They need to get speed and younger to compete with these teams. The Lakers have no shooters to spead the floor and to think that they need a coaching tweeks WRONG…..

  7. John Starks says:

    I know Laker fans don’t want to hear this, but all the Lakers have to do is start playing TEAM ball. That means reining in KoMe B ( for ballhog ) Bryant and get him to pass more. In Phil’s interview he was asked about Lebron’s game. He said, and I qoute, ” I love his game. he tries to get everyone involved, that’s something I tried to get Kobe to do”. It would sure help if KoMe wasn’t always playing one on three or four bball while people are open nall around him.

  8. I must agree we can not think for a moment that we can win with the way lakers don’t play team ball,and to me we need to get away from these one year deals for people who want stability and know that their team cares about them.Kobe you are one of the best in the game today,but you must play team ball.Yes it would be nice for the coaching staff to step up and put it’s foot down on a team that gives them no respect in my eyes at all.As for Bynum grow up man you have all the talent in the world to be great and act like a child!!We must also get youth before we are going to win against teams with younger legs than ours as well.Spend some money owner you making it use it!!!!

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