Is it just coincidence that the 76ers drafted Moe Harkles and Andre Iguodala has sold his Philadelphia home?

Most likely since the house had been on the market for a while. But selling his house in Philadelphia is probably the right move for Andre Iguaodala. It’s been rumored for a while now that Iguodala would eventually be traded by the Sixers because they have too many players that essentially play the same position. And low and behold, the Sixers added yet another player that would fall under that group in drafting St. Johns freshman Moe Harkles. So you would think that someone has to go, right?

Bob Ford of is convinced that the someone is Iguodala.

The Villanova home had been listed for sale for some time, according to selling agent Michael Becker of Prudential Fox & Roach, and Iguodala had been leasing it to other tenants during the sale process. So, it’s not like Iguodala got a phone call from the Sixers on Monday and started making plans. The sale went through in mid-May while Iguodala and the Sixers were still busy with the Boston Celtics in the second round of the playoffs.

“I never met him,” Becker said. “It was all done through his agent. All I can tell you is that he wanted to sell the house.”

The five-bedroom, six-bathroom custom-built home was completed for Iguodala in 2008. He sold it for a bargain. Comparable listings in the area average approximately $1.6 million, which was the Iguodala’s original asking price for the property. Maybe he just wants to travel lighter, or live in town, or downsize from a property that cost him $28,000 in taxes in 2011. In any case, Iguodala is divesting himself of his Philadelphia holdings and that could be a strong indication he doesn’t expect to be around much longer.

It certainly looks as though Iguodala won’t be in a Sixers uniform next season. But the Sixers have proven that they’re willing to have a roster full of people who play the same position, so you can’t really be sure.

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