Guess it’s safe to say that LSU’s hatred for Alabama has moved to another level

During the off-season we all know fans are going to talk trash, but LSU might have just taken trash talking to another level. The picture to the left is a t-shirt that a LSU fan made to show his dislike towards Alabama but with a twist.

If you can’t read what the shirt says, we have you covered. The shirt says “I’d rather shower at Penn State then support Alabama”. Notice the “then” instead of “than”.

And all we can say is wow. Stay classy Tiger Fans.

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  1. mudwump says:

    The LSU-Alabama re-match will be known as the game that destroys the BCS. Any player knows you just can’t get “up” for a re-match with a team you’ve already beaten. Hey, it’s a done deal, or are we going to have re-plays of every game.”…we only lost because of…”. Every game has its own unique character. The BCS should have given a western school a shot at LSU! WHAT WERE THEY THINKING!?!

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