Former Penn State assistant Dick Anderson testifies that other coaches were also present in showers with Sandusky, young boys

After the prosecution rested earlier Monday morning, the defense team for Jerry Sandusky took their turn. The first witness they called was former Penn State assistant coach Dick Anderson. Anderson testified about the busy schedule that Penn State coaches had presumably to prove that Sandusky didn’t have the time to commit the crimes he’s charged with.

But the most eye-opening detail from Anderson’s testimony was that he and other coaches were routinely present in the showers when Sandusky would bring young boys into them.

The first defense witness in Jerry Sandusky’s child sex-abuse trial says he and other Penn State coaches were present in team showers when the longtime assistant brought young boys into them.

Former assistant coach Dick Anderson said today that he never saw anything inappropriate when Sandusky brought boys into locker room showers.

Anderson says it’s also not unusual for him to shower with boys at the YMCA, either.

So it seems in an attempt by the Sandusky defense team to say, “see, this was normal, Jerry wasn’t hiding anything”, they’ve once again shed light on just how much may have been covered up over the years.

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