Celtics dry erase board after Game 6 instructed players to ‘Pack For A Week’

The Miami Heat absolutely dominated the Boston Celtics last night in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals winning 98-79. Nevertheless, the Celtics we greeted to this message on a dry erase board when the returned to the locker room.

The Celtics are obviously planning to beat the Heat on Saturday and head straight to Oklahoma City for Game 1 of the Finals on Tuesday. But now the question becomes, is this wishful thinking or just being prepared?

We’ll find out Saturday.


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  1. waagtod says:

    I think they should pack for a week. After their hard fought but inevitable loss to the Heat Saturday nobody will blame them for taking a couple of days on South Beach just to unwind. Their coach is a thoughtful guy.

  2. They HAVE to pack for a week. If they lose, they just go home and unpack. If they win, they will need the clothes because they don’t have time to fly back home, pack and then head to Oklahoma City. What are they supposed to do? Have their extra luggage shipped to them if they win? Also, does any team ever plan to NOT win?

  3. All I got to say is this…after not showing up to play in game 6 AT HOME and getting there a$$ handed to them they better win game 7 or they might not want to come home for a more than a week.

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