Bobby Petrino’s personalized Arkansas golf gear is for sale at local Goodwill

Bobby Petrino has maintained a very low profile after being fired as Arkansas head coach following the fallout from his infamous motorcycle accident. But despite his low profile, it’s pretty obvious that Petrino has obviously moved on from his life as the Arkansas Razorbacks’ head football coach.

Since being let go, Petrino has put his home, lake house, and motorcycle all up for sale or auction. And most recently, his personalized Arkansas golf gear was put up for sale at an area Goodwill in Arkansas.

Sunday, a friend reports, she dropped into the Goodwill store in Springdale and saw this lot of personalized bags, including two sets of golf clubs, behind the counter. Petrino apparently turned to a good cause for house cleaning.

The set of personalized luggage sold over the weekend. But two sets of golf clubs, in personalized bags, remain on offer. Goodwill will accept bids for them through June 16. Starting price for each is a suggested $150. One bid may be made by phone. But subsequent bids must be made in the store.

An Atlanta Falcon jacket, from Petrino’s brief run as head coach there, is also up for bid in the $15 to $20 range. And he has some other personal items apparently to be put into the Goodwill retail stream in a few weeks.

Quite a nice gesture by Petrino. Can’t say we saw Petrino doing anything close to something like this.

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  1. Pete Hamper says:

    Get off his back! What he did is between he and his family. Arkansas should have placed on probation for what he did. He didn’t break any law, and didn’t break any NCAA rule. In a way it’s noble what the AD did, but it was like throwing away a chance to win the SEC. Also his house was for sale before the accident. Some school will hire him if he doesn’t go to the NFL as an assistant coach. My bet is Dallas.

  2. Sue Benson says:

    Correction: the items are not for sale. The golf items are being auctioned off. Please drop by the store to bid on items. Call 479-927-2023 for more information.

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