Attendance is down at Yankee Stadium and the Yankees are blaming StubHub

The New York Yankees are 30-24 and currently sit in 3rd place in the AL East, a half game out of first place. While only being a half game out of first place sounds good, the Yankees have struggled this season. And when a team struggles it’s perfectly logical to think that there could also be some struggles at the gate.

But apparently when you’re the Yankees, struggling at the gate isn’t a perfectly outcome. Instead, you much blame it on someone else. And that someone is apparently StubHub.

The Yankees contend that their drop in attendance is not because of a struggling ballclub, but because StubHub’s tickets are price too low. A point that makes absolutely no sense to us.

Yankee Stadium attendance is down 3.6 percent so far this year — greater than the 3 percent drop last season — and the team is blaming StubHub for its gate woes.

“We believe there are serious issues with the StubHub relationship,” team president Randy Levine told The Post yesterday. “We are actively reviewing more fan-friendly alternatives for next year.”

The StubHub effect this year — combined with a lousy economy and a poorer on-field performance — has produced an average crowd of 40,949 through 25 games, compared with 42,491 last year.

Season-ticket sales have dropped a few thousand, to the mid-30,000 range, the drop about the same amount that daily attendance is down, a source said.

Compared with last season’s total average attendance, the Yanks’ 25-game average is off 9 percent.

So let’s get this straight. StubHub, who sells tickets that people can actually afford, is the reason that people are not buying tickets that otherwise would be ridiculously expensive? Again, that doesn’t sense at all.

But when it comes to tickets issues for each of New York’s teams, nothing makes sense.

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  1. Neil Miller says:

    Don’t get the Yankees’ criticism. StubHub doesn’t sell tickets, people who already bought tickets from the Yankees are re-selling them to others on StubHub. Bought tickets to last night Yanks-Rays game on StubHub earlier today as a last minute treat for my son – $10 per seat (about $13 with the various fees) for 2nd row of upper deck, behind the plate). It was only because of the bargain price that I went at all. Yankees got an extra $75 from me for parking, food, etc. they never would have gotten if the tickets had been unused.

  2. That is the most ridiculous statement I have ever heard even from the evil empire!!!! Stub hub makes it affordable to go to a game therefore brings in more attendance than if the owners could not sell them,
    The Yanks need a better excuse like the truth, they are not winning games. My Rangers attendance is at record highs…… winning = sales and it is that simple!!

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