ABC cameras zoom in on Pat Riley and Alonzo Mourning at just the right (or wrong) time

Mitch Kupchak knows all about having to sit in the midst of the Oklahoma City crowd. It was obviously a painful experience for him. And from the look on Pat Riley’s and Alonzo Mourning’s faces, it was just as painful for them as well.

Luckily for us, ABC cameras were able to give us an in depth look into just how much Riley and Mourning was suffering.

And just for good measure, this fan tops it all off.


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  1. I can’t not like this. The OKC fans must be annoying to anyone on the other side, but this is classic.

    Among other things, Riles is thinking “Fuck this. I should have fired ‘Spo when I had the chance and this shit would not be happening. I’d have kicked LeBron’s ass into two championships by now and I’d be all set to trade Wade and Bosh for Dwight Howard in 2014.”

    • That’s funny. “Should’ve fired Spo’ when I had the chance …” But I’m still scratchin’ myhead trying to figure out why Riley hired him to begin with. I guess smart guys don’t always do smart things …

      • he started as a vid coordinator and has been with the organization for his whole career. basically became a coach from just an entry level position.

  2. Nothing pleases me more than to see Miami get their butt kicked. The new big three thought they were going to fly thru the league and win not one, not two, not three titles, need I say more. Well so far they haven’t won anything and the way things look now they look like a 2nd place team for the 2nd time in 2 years. Tell Pat to start looking for another big three as these guy just don’t have it to go all the way. One or a two of even three players like you have just won’t work. It takes team work with all five players working together like the Celtics had to make a team, not having 4 players standing around while one show boats his talent in south bay.

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