You can now apply for Jessica Dorrell’s old position at Arkansas

You remember Jessica Dorrell, right? She’s the young lady that had an inappropriate relationship with former Arkansas Razorback coach Bobby Petrino. She was also the passenger during the motorcycle accident that Petrino tried to hide. As a result of all this, Petrino was fired and Dorrell resigned.

Since then, the university has replaced Petrino with John L. Smith and now they are looking for someone to replace Dorrell.

Arkansas Sports 360 brings us details about some of the changes the university has made to the position.

While the position is the same one held by Dorrell, the job title and qualifications outlined in an advertisement for the position have been tweaked.

Changes in the job posting include more specific language about the need for prior NFL or Division I football experience, plus a desire the employee have a “working knowledge of recruiting software.”

Duties have also been adjusted for the position. There are three fewer listed. No longer listed as parts of the job: working as a football liaison with academics and oversight of the football camp website.

A new contact person in human resources is also listed. Previously Carrie DeBriyn handled the applications.

Looks like Arkansas is doing everything they can to ensure they never have another Petrino-Dorrell situation.

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