You are not supposed to see this photo of Tim Tebow

Here’s yet another story about the Tim Tebow PR machine throwing their weight around. Aren’t you excited?

So the story goes that Tebow took in the Broadway musical “Rock of Ages” this weekend. After the show, Tebow ventured backstage to meet the cast. Tebow obviously agreed to take the photo on the left with a few cast members. What Tebow didn’t agree to was the photo being posted on cast member Neka Zang’s Twitter account. And that prompted the Tebow PR machine to ask her to delete the photo from the account.

Neka Zang posted the pic on her Twitter account at some point last night — and even posted a photo of the whole cast Tebowing.

But the photo with Tebow was gone a short time later … which she explained by tweeting, “Well, Due to Tebow’s “image” I was asked to remove the pic of him with us half dressed ladies. He does know we arn’t real strippers right?”

She went on to say, “Tweeps. I’m not mad, or judging. Just letting u all know I took the pic down. Ok. Thanks.”

We really don’t see the problem here. We understand not taking a picture with someone’s shirtless daughter, but this is nothing.

But I guess we can’t argue with the Tebow PR machine.

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  1. Norman R says:

    How about it was nice enough of him to take a picture at the request of the “actresses”, so let’s not turn it into a big PR problem by posting on your twitter/facebook account for all your “fans” to see. How about showing some discretion. How about that?

  2. How hypocritical of Tebow and his people !!!!!!!!! If you google Tebow, you will see pictures of him in a bathing suit down to his crotch with girls in bikinis. How often do you see Tebow shirtless in pictures. He posed in Jockey underwear showing his package. This is a bit two faced for me. Mr. Tebow is beginning to believe in his celebrity status a bit too much.

    • Scott Zwartz says:

      He’s a true Christian and you’re not, so whatever he does is right and you’re wrong. Got the rules? Sick to them. He’s right; you’re wrong! It’s very simple.

  3. elias ortega says:

    If it is such a big issue, why did Tim Tebow take the picture in the first place? You can’t have it both ways.

  4. Justa Joe says:

    Tebow was nice enought to take a picture with the young lady and cast mates, but when Tebow’s people ask her to remove the pic from Twitter she instantly turns on him.

    • Scott Zwartz says:

      She turns on him??? She only did what he asked? What was wrong with her explaining that he had asked, unless did something wrong.

  5. valhalla says:

    Why does this picture look like a bunch of drag queens and not a broadway cast? Just saying. It’s a nice pix, nobody is half dressed. Sad really. Also why did he take the picture if he didn’t want it to be out there in the media. Personally if I was in the picture, I wouldn’t put it on anything like twitter.

  6. pilgrim bob says:

    when your a pilgrim your out there. bro. tebow way out front, don’t sweat it and i’m sure he’s not P.T.L.!!!

  7. Linda Loo says:

    Tebow’s PR people should have let this one go. Are you trying to protect Tim’s image or create a false one?? So the guy went to a Broadway show and met the cast? I think you should spin that as supporting the arts and get over the “holier than thou” campaign.

    • Scott Zwartz says:

      Bullies come in all sorts. In T’s world, she was just a woman so she had to do what he said and not have any opinions of her own. Isn’t Faith great? You can be a jerk and expect people to praise you for it.

      • LizzardKiller says:

        Replace *he* and *him* with *them* and *they* since OTHER people driving the Tim Tebow public relations train were the ones who contacted the picture tweeter.
        Often times, people in the celebrity way have no clue of decisions made by their PR people until AFTER the fact.

        Your posts kinda paint a picture that maybe Tebow played better than you at a youth football camp back when you both were 12 years old….and you still aren’t over it.

  8. Geoff Adams says:

    His Future sports training center “D1” will stand for Douchebag. He should be endorsing Massengill…..

  9. Ed Markosek says:

    Really? This photo isn’t suggesting anything that Mr. Tebow or his PR team should have to censor. What if he had the same photo taken with a bunch of women in bikinis at a beach? I swear this society is becoming more judgmental and paranoid about showing so called “risque'” things that aren’t even close to sexually suggestive or vulgar. Pretty soon the “decent folks” among us will be lobbying for corsets and ankle-long dresses to keep the Devil out of our minds when viewing our womenfolk and hosting the occasional witch burning for ladies showing too much skin, declaring that we must cleanse our society of its sins.

    • The decent folks you refer to are already at it , they are called the republican party. They want to control women and run everyones life. Be afraid, be very afraid.

  10. bonnie Conrad says:

    Tim Tebow is such a great guy and wonderful Christian. He’s just trying to keep his image role model worthy.

    • Then why did he take the picture in the first place. You talk about being a “great guy and wonderful Christian” and being role model worthy. Being a role model is about being more than just what people see but also what you are when people aren’t looking. I highly doubt taking a pic with Broadway girls will destroy his image though.

    • LizzardKiller says:

      You mean his Public Relations team. They were the ones freaking out over the picture and asked the tweeter to remove it.
      Did you even read the article?

  11. frank green says:

    I could see making a big deal about this if Tebow was a good QB, but he’s not

  12. This was a play; (a Broadway play) and the girls were in costume;(you know, a play…costume.) All of you Tebow haters and all of you Christian critics take a break. The girl got her 30 seconds in the limelight by doing her part to feed your little minds. The Pr staff probably knew that you go getters would salivate over this.

  13. William Thomas Linville says:

    WTF is the big deal ? Mountains out of molehills . And no one is
    better than the press at that . Much ado about nothing . A non-story .
    Cheap shot is all todays press is about . What happened to REAL investagative Journalism?
    It’s sure not on this bubblegum site . Just mho .

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