WVU players Darwin Cook & Terrance Garvin arrested for stealing Doritos, Gatorade

Some stories don’t need a set up. This is one of those stories.

According to Metronews.com, WVU starters Darwin Cook and Terrance Garvin were arrested on Tuesday on misdemeanor charges for stealing Gatorade and snacks from a “Sheetz” store in Morgantown, West Virginia.

Police say surveillance footage shows Garvin take a plastic Sheetz bag from behind the counter then Cook allegedly took three bottles of Gatorade and two bags of Doritos. Garvin can be seen swiping a couple of bags of pretzels. The two placed the items in the bag and left the store without paying.

According to the criminal complaint the incident happened on April 12th and arrest warrants for Garvin and Cook were obtained on April 25th.

Shoplifting merchandise worth less than $500 carries a maximum $250.

Times can’t be that hard, fellas.

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