Woman found tied up in Aroldis Chapman’s hotel room is questioned by police, released to her husband

We thought that the story surrounding the robbery of Aroldis Chapman’s hotel room was crazy enough, but it just got even crazier.

Now it seems that the woman that has been reported to be Chapman’s girlfriend is actually married. And after being questioned by police for over 10 hours about the incident, the woman’s husband comes and picks her up.

Pittsburgh police detectives for nearly 10 hours on Wednesday questioned a woman who said she was tied up and robbed inside the Downtown hotel room of Cincinnati Reds pitcher Aroldis Chapman while his team played the Pirates at PNC Park.

Detectives interviewed Claudia Manrique, 26, of Silver Spring, Md., until about 8:30 p.m. before releasing her to a man whom they identified as her husband. Police had filed no charges in the case as of midnight.

A checkup at the hospital revealed Ms. Manrique was neither injured nor sexually assaulted, and the case late Wednesday was being handled by detectives from the city’s Zone 2 station in the Hill District, who offered no glimpses into their conversations with the woman.

So let’s get this straight.

Claudia Manrique is supposed to be Chapman’s girlfriend, but she also has husband. A husband that voluntarily comes and picks up his wife who has been tied up in another man’s hotel room.

Yeah, this is getting crazy

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  1. Hey, he’s a releif pitcher!

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