Tim Tebow’s lawyers sent a cease and desist letter to company selling NY Jets t-shirts with “My Jesus” on them

Tim Tebow is very particular about protecting his image. And he’s very particular about people attempting to cash in on his image. But it seems that Tebow is taking the crusade of protecting his image just a little too far. In fact, according to TMZ, Tebow is not only attempting to protect his image, he’s taking it a step further and protecting Jesus’ image.

You’re confused, so we’ll just get to the details.

TMZ obtained the cease and desist letter Tebow’s attorneys sent to cubbytees.com last month — in which they claim “The Merchandise makes it appear as if Mr. Tebow actually endorses Cubby Tees and its products.”

Interestingly, the tee shirts in question do not use Tebow’s image or name — but instead spell out “MY Jesus” using the colors and font of his new team … the NY Jets. In fact, the website clearly states, “This fun design is not officially endorsed by New York’s backup quarterback or the Son of God, but plays off the themes of Tebow’s faith and his new team.”

Still, Tebow’s attorneys are demanding the site stop “any use of Mr. Tebow’s name and/or likeness” — and according to Cubby Tees, Tebow already successfully petitioned eBay to remove the tees.

Alright, Tim. You need to go ahead and settle on down. You’re starting to get out of hand.

H/T Terez Owens

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  1. Maybe he.needs to turn the other cheek as his god instructs him to do.

  2. No I’ll tell you who needs to settle on down is YOU TMZ for even printing garbage like this……You CLOWNS are all jealous because Tebow has substance as a man and has character as a person. Just because he beleves in Jesus as MOST true RED BLOODED AMERICANS DO, you nah sayer atheists reporters and other clowns think its a cool game to just gang up on Christians and make US all look like fools…..In the end we’ll see who is laughing……and no Jason…I wont turn the other cheek Mr big boy

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