Tim Duncan apparently hates Kevin Garnett

Chris Ballard of Sports Illustrated penned a wide ranging piece on Tim Duncan after spending some time with the future Hall of Famer. The piece attempts to shed light on a man that even after all these years of playing the NBA is still very much an enigma.

Ballard leads us through Duncan’s feeling about getting that infamous “DNP-Old” game, his friendship with Steven Jackson, being comfortable in his own skin, and how he thinks he wouldn’t have lasted that long if he had been drafted by the Knicks.

But something else caught our eye in this piece. It was the fact that, not Duncan, but someone close to him says that he absolutely hates Kevin Garnett.

5 His Buddy KG
Just kidding, as this might count in his favor. In fact, Duncan hates Kevin Garnett. Hates him the way liberals hate Sean Hannity. This information comes from very reliable sources, who talk about how KG has made a career of trying to punk Duncan, baiting him and slapping him and whispering really weird smack into his ear. They talk about how funny this is, because the worst thing you can do as an opponent is piss off Duncan. Then, as Malik Rose says, “he f—— destroys you.” Duncan’s lifetime numbers versus Garnett’s teams, by the way: 19.4 points per game, 11.6 boards and a 44–17 record, including the postseason.

Duncan is diplomatic about the topic. Asked if perhaps all those years battling Garnett have softened his feelings for the man, led to a Magic-Larry type of kinship, Duncan leans back on the couch in his hotel room and grins. There is a pause. A longer pause. Finally he says, “Define kinship.”

You have to respect Duncan, not because he hates Garnett. The majority of the league probably hates Garnett too. You have to respect because he consistently beat Garnett.

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  1. Cthomas says:

    Duncan consistently beat Garnett because he consistently had better teammates. The first playoff series they had together KG had Terrell Brandon and Sam Mitchell by his side. Sam frikkin Mitchell. He also put up better numbers than Duncan in that series. The only other time they met in the playoffs it was pretty much a push as far as stats count.

    It’s not a coincidence that since KG joins a team with championship talent that his team has performed better than SA during that time. It would be interesting to see what KG’s career numbers are vs Duncan. It cant be far off from 19 and 11.

    • GREG INGRAM says:


      • Brian215 says:

        I’d Definetly pick KG. If KG had the supporting cast Duncan had he’d have better numbers. Watching KG constantly as a Celtics fan I see how he makes everyone better. He’s a facilitator, top defender, and finally consistent scorer. Duncan is great at fulfilling his role but he doesn’t make those around him raise their game, KG does.

  2. Cthomas you’re doing exactly what you complain about the writer for doing. The Celtics have been a better team than the Spurs and Garnett has had better teammates since he moved to Boston. Having said all that, Duncan has had a better career highlighted by 9 first team all NBA’s, two regular season MVP’s and three playoff MVP’s. This is the line of a top 10 all time great. Garnett is great, but not in that class. While he is one of the greatest defensive players the game has seen, Garnett has no go to move, and is not a closer, although right now he may be showing more ability to do so than for most of his career. Both great players but Duncan has had the significantly superior career.

    • robert davis says:

      what are you two guys arguing about? Lets talk numbers….. During the Tim Duncan era in San antonio the spurs have the best winninng percentage in all four major sports of.699. Duncan and the spurs have one four championships compared to Celtics one. Both players are great in thier on rite but basketball is a team sport Spurs have been relevant for years Garnett wasnt really relevant all but once in minnesota So now since joining the big three in boston he has become relevant so what are we talking but im predicting a spurs and celtics finals matchup this years spurs will in possible five maybe six The bench is the difference maker both powerfowards will play well but just like history and numbers have proven Duncan wins

      • Yes, and most (in fact all) of Duncan’s titles were won back when KG was still in Minnesota…BEFORE he joined the Celtics, and BEFORE he had anything resembling a strong team.

        The best performing teammates KG ever had in Minnesota were Latrell Spreewell and Wally Szerbiak…and he led that team to the finals!

  3. AJ – it is a lot better to be “as good as Duncan” when your teammates help you get easier looks. Kobe was better when shaq or Gasol were there because you can’t double team him as easily. Duncan played with one of the best centers in the league who was a legimate scoring threat. MJ even needed pippen to help him be better. Winning titles and all nba happens when your teammates help you play at a higher level.

  4. Of course Duncan hates KG. Duncan is a Robot. A boring, cold, vanilla, robot. KG is all heart, grit, and ba**s. They are the antithesis of each other.
    I also notice this writer didn’t note what Garnet’s #s vs Duncan are. I would venture a guess that they are as good or better than 19 & 11.
    If it does end up Being Spurs/Celts finals, the Spurs better be ready to get punched in the mouth. They haven’t seen a physical, defensive team like the celts over in the float-and-flop western conference, and I predict they wont be ready for a real barfight.

    • Well first, he got the numbers right on Duncan, whatever that’s worth. Head to head here are the numbers.

      Duncan 19.9 pts, 3.3 asts, 12.2 TRB, .462 FG%
      Garnett 20.6 pts, 4.3 asts, 11.1 TRB, .456 FG%

      Duncan 23-17 in terms of wins/losses.


      Duncan, 20.6 pts, 11.9 TRB, 3.4 AST, .463 FG%
      Garnet, 21.4 pts, 12.0 TRB, 4.0 AST, .453 FG%

      Duncan 6-2 in terms of wins and losses.

      It’s pretty even. Not much to separate them either way.

  5. Hugh Fisher says:

    b.h. : You display your utter lack of the knowledge of basketball. It is a TEAM sport, individual
    machups only count when they impact on the success or failure of the player’s team. I have seen Duncan respond to Garnet’s smack, he just laughes and helps the Spurs win the game. TD is not a human highlight machine, nor does he try to be, but after a while, in his boring robot, vanilla way, he has hung 20/10 + on you while you were not looking and the Spurs win again.

  6. They are both great players. But I must admit I am a little bias cause I’m a Timberwolves and Garnett fan. However, if say Garnett and Duncan were to switch teams; say Duncan was in Minnesota and Garnett with San Antonio, I think Garnett would have more rings and better stats than Duncan. Duncan even admits in the article above that he wouldn’t have lasted as long if he were to have been drafted by the Knicks. They are both great players in their own rights. Duncan was fortunate enough to be drafted by an organization with good players, good front office, and a great coach. Garnett landed with a team that gave him very little help around him and made terrible personnel decisions…for example; J.R. Rider, Marbury,; then drafting future all stars Ray Allen, and Brandon Roy and trading them during the draft. WTF! It’s still a team sport. Even if Garnett had averaged 30ppg and 15rpg the Wolves still would have stunk. Look at Lebron…many would argue to be the best in the NBA, but could not win it all in Cleveland cause he had very little help around him.

  7. Greg no doubt Duncan was helped by better teammates early on but players from mediocre teams make all NBA all the time. However, Garnett since 2008 has been on the superior team and they have one championship against a depleted Lakers team and another final appearance. This may change because with Bosh’s injury the Celtics are now serious title contenders. I agree with what I think is your underlying sentiment : its dangerous to prattle away about championships like many fans and most sportswriters do. This approach treats basketball as if it were tennis or golf. David Robinson was a great player but before Duncan the Spurs were a repeated playoff disappointment, partly because Robinson like Garnett had no signature go to move. It may be somewhat unfair but Garnett’s outsized contracts also hampered the Wolves ability to add pieces, something he could have easily anticipated, and led them to the disastrous subterfuge where they signed Joe Smith to an illegal contract and had their draft picks removed. Duncan has repeatedly taken less money in order to allow San Antonio to preserve its flexibility. Duncan in my opinion was a more mature player early on, perhaps because he spent four years in college. I am going to ignore the claims made by b.h. that Duncan is a robot. How would you know? Have you met him and had interactions/conversations to justify that opinion? Or are you simply repeating a hackneyed stereotype by lazy sportswriters? I repeat Duncan has had a top ten career, Garnett’s is more like a top 15-25. That will not change even if the Celtics win the championship.

  8. U can only compare if both were on championship teams competing against each other like Magic and Bird. I noticed the person did not put up KG’s numbers against Duncan. As the person said if they switched teams I don’t think Duncan would have had the same numbers. Even when they met in the playoffs, the teams were not the same competetively. Look at the teams SA beat for those rings. NY an 8 seed that year, NJ not a championship team, Cleveland with Lebron, not a championship team, and Detroit, a championship team that was on the decline who did not retool. Also, if you understand basketball you know you have to look at the entire picture and just count rings. If you want to count rings, Robert Horry has more rings Duncan, Jordan, Magic, and Bird. He’s not better than any of those players. It’s like playing spades, the better how will win no matter how good of a spades player you are. If I had to pick one for my team in their prime I would take KG because of his defense, passion and ability to make teammates better. You can’t teach that. You have to want to do it. You can teach a go to move.

    • Then why hasn’t Garnett learned one? Again 2 mvp’s to one. 3 finals mvp’s to none. 9 1st team all nba’s to my guess would be 4 or 5. Hypothetical conclusions based on how things would be different if things were different, brings to mind Don Meredith’s aphorism “if ifs and buts were candy and nuts, every day would be C’mas”.

      • KG’s MVP season was so far superior to Duncan’s two MVP seasons (statistically) that it’s not even funny.

        24 points, 14 rebounds, 6 assists, 2 blocks and 1 steal (roughly) – overall numbers that Duncan has never come close to producing over a full season.

        Less finals MVP’s is obvious because KG only made it to the finals once…and that’s because he was playing with Sczerbiak and Olowokandi instead of Ginobilli and Robinson.

  9. techengine says:

    Duncan has consistently led his teammates. What I mean is that those role players bought into and followed the lead of an individual who was a legitimate superstar and in turn, it made the team better. Garnett did not have that characteristic early on! Duncan has always made his team better because he leads by example. Had Garnett matured as fast as Duncan, maybe he would have had as many rings. Garnett talks and plays; Duncan just plays; his game speaks for itself. Tim Duncan is the consumate sportsman!

  10. This is easy. Duncan has class, kg is classless. Period.

  11. Dawgdaze says:

    wow,i find it hard to believe that “most nba players hate KG”hes always been a fav of mine.I love his intensity and passion for the game.TD is one of the NBAs greatest and its ok for him to not like KG but “Most players hate him”?? I just dont accept that.Rock on Kev

  12. Richard says:

    Duncan will always be viewed historically as the better player for one simple reason: he won. Garnett cannot say that until recently, so let’s not act as if h’es been a ‘winner” his entire career.

    KG has been a media darling from Day 1, with his boyish enthusiasm, personality and obvious passion for the game. he beats his chest after a dunk in December and that endears him to the SLAM Magazine generation and the idiots running ESPN during this time. Duncan quietly would drop 25-15 without saying a word or making a peep to his opponent, and is largely ignored. KG represents the ESPN Generation of flash over substance, of personality over performance. This is why he’s beloved. This is why Duncan is largely ignored.

    The truth is, KG fans have made the same excuses for him for years: he didn’t have any teammates. Which is a bit disrespectful to players like Marbury, Tom Gugliotta or Terrel Brandon, all of whom have been All Stars at least once in their careers. It isn’t like KG was out there dragging Menke Bateer or Rick Brunson through 82 games year after year. KG had some quality guys around him, and yet for years, couldn’t even make it out of the first ROUND of the playoffs. Certainly his 2008 title with Boston cannot erase that fact.

    People make excuses for KG because they liked him, year after year, he endeared himself to media and fans alike. While his fellow players resented the image vs his actual personality of a surly, bully who took liberties when he felt he could. The more the losing accumulated for KG, the more he changed. Once he got to Boston, he became this arrogant bully of a player who acted like he had 6 rings instead of the one he finally won off the back of Paul Pierce.

    KG has always been a Number 2 guy. More comfortable with that resonsibility of winning falling to another, while he handled the media and the accolades. Not unlike a certain Mr. James who still is looking for that elusive hardware himself.

    Duncan has always been the centerpeice of his championship teams. The anchor, the glue, the money man. Even as Robinson played alongside him in the twlight of his career, and Ginobili and Parker won early in theirs, the catalyst has always been Duncan. He has been the rock of gibraltor for a franchise that was good, but going noewhere in the years before his arrival. His precence has made them the winningnest, most successful franchise in the NBA over the last 15 years. Kevin Garnett will never be able to say that.

    Duncan was, is, and always has been the better player, the better teammate, the better leader and the better guy. Even if he’s never once had to beat his chest to prove it.

    • Utter garbage.

      Duncan has always played with at least one or two elite players on every single team he’s been a member of – be it David Robinson, Manu Ginobilli or Tony Parker.

      Until KG was traded to Boston he never had anyone even approaching ‘elite’ to play alongside him.

      Also what is this garbage talk about Duncan being the #1 guy? Watch a SAS game and you will see that at the end of games Ginobilli is usually the first scoring option.

      Look at KG vs Duncan in last years playoffs – KG practically averaged 20/10 and almost single handedly led his team through the playoffs, while Duncan looked like an old man with arthritis.

      Duncan is rediculously overrated. Not only is he NOT better then KG (they are on par) but people actually go so far as to claim he is the best PF ever – are you kidding me? Karl Malone’s career numbers make Tim Duncan’s look like those of an amateur boy scout.

  13. Richard says:

    Tim Duncan is past the point of being compared to a guy like Kevin Garnett. He moved past that point years ago.

    Winning a possible 5th NBA Title, will only affirm Duncan’s place in the conversation for the Top 10 players of ALL TIME – forget the last 15 years or even since 2008.

    Jordan, Magic, Bird, Russell, Chamberlain, Abdul Jabbar, Oscar and Kobe. In any order you choose. That’s about it.

    Aside from the 8 guys mentioned, I can’t think of any other players who were better than Duncan, achieved as much or more than Duncan, won more than Duncan, or meant as much to the significance of their franchise as Tim Duncan.

    To still be comparing Duncan to a Kevin Garnett at this point in time is an insult to Duncan.

    • To still be comparing Duncan to a Kevin Garnett at this point in time is an insult to Duncan? How would that be an insult to Duncan? Do u know anything about KG or Ducan’s career stats, because if u did u wouldn’t make that crazy comment.

      Rich, u need to click on Wiki or something, because you’re lacking knowledge. KG is just as great as Duncan;If not better, because he’s more athletic. Duncan and Garnett are arguably the 2 best PF’s of their generation. I guess u can put Dirk, in a distant third behind TD and KG.

      If you’re on the “I hate KG too” bandwagon, then whatever, but gives KG his respect, dude. lol

  14. This may be hear-say: I recall hearing stories when both KG and TD were members of a Men’s National Team either playing in the 1998 World Championships or in the qualifiers for the 2000 Olympics. Practices consisted of full court 1 on 1 and the most intense match-up was TD vs. KG. Has anyone ever heard this?

  15. Richard says:

    I’ve never heard that story. Perhaps the reference is to an All Star Game?

    Duncan did not particpate in the 1998 World Championships, due to the NBA Lockout that began in July 1998.

    Duncan was injured in April 2000, and did not participate in the Sydney Olympics, which would be the final games for Kevin Garnett.

    KG declined to play in 2004, Duncan’s one and only Olympic appearence.

    As far as can be determined, they never actually played together on a US Men’s National Team.

  16. It is a very difficult comparsion to make. Both players have elite qualities that the other would need to be considered a top 10 all time player. The two dominated their era from start to finish (neither is done yet, but Garnett looks to be in resurgent mode). I think both players will go down as top 12-15 all time players. Garnett’s numbers are superior, as he likely will finish in the top 10 all time in Points and Rebounding and top 15 in blocks and steals (maybe top 100 in assists, which is amazing for a PF). Duncan, in part because he was drafted by a better team, has become the epitome of a winner. He is a consumate professional and has consistantly played at a very high level. He has made teammates better with his unselfish, team oriented play. Both KG and TD have been relatively healthy for their careers. KG would most likely have a 2nd Championship ring if he wasn’t hobbled in 2009-10.

    While its true KG’s mega contract with the T-Wolves impacted his supporting cast, KG has been invaluable to the NBA. Unlike a lot of athletes who sign monster contracts, he continued to fine tune and improve his game afterwords, a testament to his professionalism and work ethic. He plays with a raw emotion and a tanacity that is truely inspiring to everyone aroud him, teammates, commentators and fans alike (even the haters who can’t get themselves to admit it out loud).

    If TD and KG played on the same team, they would both have 8 or 9 rings.

  17. Um no, unless Garnett wins another MVP, 2 or 3 finals MVPs and 4 or 5 first team all NBA’s they’re not going to be regarded as comparable players. Duncan’s a top 10 all time, Garnett is in the conversation of top 15-25. He’s not going to rank ahead of Olajuwon or Shaq or Moses Malone who won 3 MVPs, for sure.

    • I disagree. KG’s numbers speak for themselves and 9 first team all defense and 1 DPOY should count as well…

      Duncan has had at least 2 first team all nba in what for him would be considered down years (sometimes name power wins the day) …

      No one has done what Garnett has done, a truely transformational player…

      • Richard says:

        Numbers don’t tell the story here Jabel. Bill Russell’s numbers were not on par with Chamberlain, but almost anyone would rank Russ over Wilt.
        Mark Jackson ranks 3rd all-time in career assists, is anyone going to take him above Magic, Oscar, Nash or Isiah?

        Garnett’s numbers exceed Duncan because for years and years, the Wolves and Celtics have played KG heavy minutes – where Pop has carefully monitored Duncan’s minutes with the Spurs since 2005. Duncan’s minutes have reduced every year since then, and his scoring average has followed KG played more minutes in 2010, than he did in 2009, and more minutes in 2011 than he did in 2010.

        Of course, because Duncan routinely went deep into the playoffs, he has considerably more mileage than KG has (Duncan has 182 playoff games vs Garnett’s 114). Duncan’s numbers have dipped because that has never been a priority to the franchise or the player. Garnett was racking up numbers in Minnesota while missing the playoffs completely for three straight years (05-07).

        Duncan’s career achievements surpass Garnett at almost every turn. I don’t see much of an arguement.

        I also don’t understand your comment that both “dominated their era”. Uh…no, they didn’t. Duncan and Shaq dominated their era, because they were normally still playing in June, long after Garnett had gone on summer vacation.

        “KG would have a 2nd ring if he wasn’t hobbled in 2010”. Now that sounds like Suns fans making excuses for their imaginary championship era. Injuries are part of the game, that not an excuse or a cop out.

        I could just as easily say that Duncan could have at least one more ring if a bounce or call went the Spurs way in 2004 or 2006. But that’s just excuses and hindsight.

        The fact is this: Garnett’s time in Minnesota both help and HURT his stature in NBA history. His prime years saw great statistical regular seasons, cumilating in outstanding career stats, but little playoff success. His years as the unquestioned best player on his team were defined by great numbers, and little playoff success.

        Duncan doesn’t have that issue. His time as the best player on his team resulted in strong numbers, endless achievements and 4 NBA Championships.

        end of arguement.

        • I’m not sure if we have an argument, i’m not saying that KG was or is a better player then TD. My point is that they are both dominant and should be considered great. Extremely different players, but both great.

          Duncan always had a massive contract (similar to Garnett’s) and San Antonio ownership always provided significantly better supporting cast. The best the t-wolves could do was end of career Spreewell and Cassal for one year (2nd year they were broken down and injured). Wolves made it to the conferenced finals that year giving Shaq and Kobi a run for their money, KG put up 25.15.5….

          Also, consider the competition when Duncan won his awards. League was down, looking for the next MJ. Not to mention he hasn’t done much since 2007…

          • Richard says:

            “He hasn’t done much since 2007”. wow. Larry Bird “didn’t do much” after 1987 – are we gonna overlook everything prior to that when looking at his career? Please.

            Duncan may have not won a championship since 2007, but that doesn’t mean he’s completely sucked, okay? 3 time All Defensive Team, 3 Time All NBA Team, while the Spurs have won 3 Division titles and advanced to 1 Western Conference Finals while compiling a .690 winning percentage since their last NBA Title.

            In 2009, his 12th NBA season, Duncan was eliminated in the first round for the very first time. Kevin Garnett didn’t get OUT of the first round until his 8th season, okay? Let’s always keep THAT in perspective, as much as KG fans want to ignore that or make excuses for it.

            I’m not going to argue Garnett hasn’t had a fine career, but i will NEVER believe that these two players belong in the same discussion when comparing them in the pantheon of NBA Legends.

            I’ve always believed there was an elite class of legends (MJ, Magic, Bird, Russ, Wilt, etc) and another group of accomplished HOFers (Robinson, Kidd, Barkley, Malone, Ewing, Pippen, Reed, Walton, Drexler, Cowens). I will go to my grave believeing Garnett belongs firmly in that second group of distinguished players.

            Folks can try as they might to try to devalue Duncan’s achievements by sighting other factors, but it is what it is. I’m not going to devalue Hakeem Olajuwon’s titles because MJ decided to play baseball.

            Numbers can be compared and fans can argue, but history will not look at them the same.

        • Also AJ, check out the plus minus ratios for KG vs TD…. It’s not even close, KG in a landslide….

          • Look at the numbers per 36 min. Duncan. That is in a slow paced SA system where he doesn’t have to take 20 shots to score 20 points. Garnett is a jump shooter who use to be able to take some guys off the dribble. Duncan has made almost $90 million less than KG. The 07 Spurs were the only team with a significantly better supporting cast than any of those Minny teams. 99? Avery Johnson, Mario Elie, Sean Elliot over Terrell Brandon, Sam Mitchell and Joe Smith. Nope. 03? TP, Jack, Malik Rose vs Wally, Troy Hudson, and Rasho. Minny’s guys have better numbers. 05? outside of each team’s “big 3” you have Beno Udrih, Devin Brown, and Rose vs Wally, Hudson, and Eddie Griffin. Minny slightly. Wins those years? 37 vs 25, 60 vs 51, and 59 vs 44. You really see that many more wins from the Spurs supporting cast vs Minny’s? No way.

  18. I think the feeling is mutual. I think both KG and TD, hate each other. I remember those nasty battles between the Spurs and Wolves. I think the writer, Evan, is wrong or rather misleading as far as TD has gotten the best of KG.

    Not question TD, is a great player, but People seem to forget Duncan, always had great talent that surrounded him, and KG didn’t. KG was the lone man in Sota. During Duncan career he had David Robinson, Sean Elliot, Robert Horry, Steve Kerr, Brent Barry, Avery Johnson, Steve Smith, Steven Jackson, Michael Finely, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobli and etc.

    Kevin, had Sam Cassell, Steph Marbury and Latrell Sprewell, along side. Yea, I can see why he never won a title in Minnesota.

  19. Um, of course he would dislike KG. He only slapped TD in the head. They’ve had heated battles when they were in their primes back in the San Antonio and Minnesota days. I think they’re both even as far as talent, but KG was always more athletic. Respectively both TD and KG were franchise players in their prime and still are.

    The real reason why TD is sometimes labeled the greatest PF, because he has 4x titles and 2x MVP. The 4 NBA titles has a lot more to do with the talented players that were around Duncan. Kevin Garnett played in Minnesota for 12yrs and had no sort of talent around him. Garnett had to carry that franchise on his back for 12yrs.

    KG played with the Wolves (96-07) had no talent around him and was in a conference with the Jazz(Malone, Stockton), Lakers(Kobe, Shaq), Spurs(Duncan, Robinson, Parker, Ginobli), Mavs(Nash, Dirk, Finley), Suns(Nash, Amare), Blazers( Wallace, Smith, Pipen), Rockets(McGrady, Yao Ming), Kings(Webber, Bibby).

    Figure it out, folks.

  20. Both are great players. Note how good would the Celts be as they had the best odds to draft TD in 97 and didn’t get him.

  21. Plus minus ratios reflect substitution patterns as much as anything else. You can call KG inspirational and whatever other praise you would like. You can attempt to diminish what Duncan has done. The league was down, his feet were funky, etc. But here’s the thing- absent another MVP, 4-5 first team all NBA and 2 or more final MVPs nothing is going to make Garnett Duncan’s equal. This is not a real debate. Love Garnett he’s a great player to place someone in the top 15 to 25 is not an insult, but he has not achieved what Duncan has. Nor will he. Case closed.

  22. Terrell says:

    It appears to me that the stats and who’s better became the topic of conversation here while I think that the intended story line was to highlight KG’s rude and mouthy approach towards his opponent. I have attended a ton of games as a Hawks fan and literally had to leave with my son in tow because of KG’s foul mouth during play, it got to the point that I stopped going to games whenever “his” team came to town. I don’t think that Tim hates him as a person but I can truly see how he would hate him as a “co-worker” given the fact that they work for the same employer which by the way is in desperate need of some positive images at the time. In a league that has been labeled a thug league you would think that a veteran like KG would clean up his act and let his game speak and not his disrespectful tongue.

  23. LOL< celtics fans, Duncan is better than KG. Everything is better except the emotion you can physically see. Don't make yourself look dumb, Duncan over KG, it's like saying Russell over Wilt (to a lesser extent)

  24. look at all these opinions… kg or duncan…i fail to see how duncan had more talent…first ring in 99 he won with avery johnson at point and mario ellie / sean elliot on the wing… not too impressive. just because timmy isn’t boisterously barking and pounding his chest doesnt mean he has less heart than kg. timmy never backed down…ever…from anyone. best winning %…solid numbers, recognition from fans, writers and peers. best pf of all time…kg ismt even in the discussion. opinions….timmy trumps kg.

  25. I’m not sure most of you folks remember what KG use to be like. Duncan is a pure post player with a variety of moves. He would hit that running hook/scoop shot and 18 foot bank with unparalleled consistency. KG was the quicker, and slimmer, player. He was a jump shooter and would occasionally take slower defenders off the dribble. KG’s playing style is much more comparable to Chris Bosh. He’s a more talented, more aggressive, Chris Bosh. Duncan was/is a more athletic, better defensive, and smarter Kevin McHale. When the Spurs needed a basket, be it down the stretch or to end an opponents run, Johnson, Parker, Speedy Claxton, whoever, would feed him the ball and he would deliver. KG in the same situations? Jab step and jump shot or turnaround fade from the baseline.
    Sportswriters trash those 99, 03, and 05 spurs teams as weak outside of Duncan, and occasional one other guy. Robinson in 99 and younger Parker/Manu in 05. Not sure you remember but some of the other “quality guys” Duncan had were an ancient Mario Elie and Terry Porter, Danny Ferry, Rasho Nesterovic, Nazr Mohammed, kidney transplant Sean Elliott, Malik Rose, Kevin Willis, washed up Steve Smith, and 15th man Steve Kerr. Yet you fools keep saying KG had these awful teams. He had some quality guys. The talent level between some of those T-wolves teams and the Spurs ones wasn’t all that different. Duncan was/is a better defensive anchor, better teammate, smarter player, and more better under pressure. KG’s game has changed as his body has aged. He got his title with Paul Pierce holding his hand. He got his MVP. But once it’s all done, Duncan will have more titles, more MVP trophys, more Finals MVPs, more wins, and more All-NBA teams made. Yes, Garnett’s numbers are slightly better. He played more minutes on teams he couldn’t lead to wins. Numbers are great, but they don’t define what player is considered better. Bernard King averaged 22.5, 5.8 and 3.3 over his career. Kiki Vandeweghe put up almost 20ppg on .52% shooting. No one is talking about how great those two were. If you really look at the numbers per 36 minutes, advance stats like win shares per 48 minutes, and defensive win shares, Duncan is the superior player on your precious numbers. Championships? Duncan. All-NBA 1st teams? Duncan. MVP’s? Duncan. Finals MVP’s? Duncan. Wins? Duncan. Money? Garnett (almost $90 mil more in 2 more years of playing). If you insist on comparing these two in every aspect, I don’t see how you can pick Garnett in any scenario. Even if you switch their teams for their careers. Is KG going to lead Danny Ferry and Bruce Bowen to an 03 championship taking jump shots from 16 feet, beating his chest, and yelling at Kenyon Martin? Unlikely. Would Minny be a better defensive, more competitive, and overall more successful team with a lock-down, team oriented, clutch 7 footer with the purest post game of this era? Easily. KG was a great player, but compare him to someone more his level like Ewing. Duncan it the greatest player of his time.

  26. It amazes me how much people down play Duncan’s supporting casts, it is truly ridiculous. Sure we can talk about the results after the fact, but Duncan has always had a better team, better organization, & a better coach. KG is the only player in league history to average 20, 10, & 5 for 5 straight years. KG NEVER had a player who could take over in Sota. Duncan could simply be solid, have a 15 & 9 night, while Manu or TP could go off & carry the scoring load. KG had score 20+ for his teams to win consistently.

    Not to mention, 2 of Duncan’s MVPs were gimmes because the Spurs were the face of the league, both Jason Kidd & KG had better years statistically & were singularly more valuable to their teams those years. They got robbed. But it’s really funny to see people compare scrubs like Terrell Brandon & Wally to Parker & Manu. Lmao! Let’s not forget that David Robinson is a Top 50 all time player either…and Duncan is really a C they masquarade as a PF. Don’t tell me Horry, Blair, Bonner, or any of those guys except perhaps Willis is a legit C.

    Fact is these guys are a statistic wash against each other. But the Duncan had the good fortunate of being drafted by a great organization. If they switch places, I’d bet KGs accolades would out weigh Duncan’s, but give Duncan the same bums KG had, and his career is dramatically different because of his style of play.

    • His style of play is dictated by the team he is on. Same goes for KG. You assume KG is going to have the same impact and numbers he had in Minny if he was in SA. Fact is in a slower system that, until recently, relied on defense, KG won’t be as good.
      Park and Manu are much better than Wally and Brandon. Now, and for the last 6 years. However the last time I checked those two weren’t on the 99 team, and weren’t heavy contributors for the 03 team. Yes Robinson is a top 50 players. In 99 he was still good, but he wasn’t in his prime by any means. Duncan carried those first 3 championship teams, especially 03, on his back. KG can never say that about any team. Yea he was the best player on average teams in Minny. So is Kevin Love, he better than Duncan too? Go look at Duncan’s playoff numbers per 36 min compared to KG’s. Duncan was the same or better in the playoffs, true even this year, while KG wasn’t. You can’t downgrade Duncan for the better situation, and upgrade KG because of his. Maybe if he didn’t make $90million more over his career to-date, and made his teammates better, you’d have a case.

  27. If Duncan is so mature than how come he’s gotta bad mouth kg in sports illustrated. Real mature guy huh. Duncan just doesn’t like the fact that kg is the only one on his level in his era. Duncan was blessed by going to the spurs and kg was cursed by going to sota bottom line. Just like Kobe was blessed by going to la. Phil Jackson and Greg pop two of the most respected coaches in the league. Kg would of one a ship with sota with cassell and sprewell if cassell stayed healthy. And the first year he had a team he won the ship and would of won back to back to back if he never got injured and perkins would of played game 7. Now bradlys injured and it prolli gonna kill our chances this year cuz Ray can’t guard Wade. NBA comes down to be lucky or unlucky and for kgs talent and passion for the game he has been very unlucky cuz if he winded up in la or San tone he could of been the best of all time!

    • Yeah, what if what if what if. And if KG was a better player, his all-time rank would go up. Read the article, Duncan didn’t badmouth anyone. The writer claims Duncan hates/hated him, Duncan denies.

  28. It’s like war, not always the best warriors win the war because its a lop sided fight. But if I got to choose one player to lead my team to battle, kg everytime!!! Most unselfish player and most heart the NBA has scene since bill russell. And at the time Russell and wilt hated each other too. But once retired became highly respected of each other. If kg was trying to be your friend out there he wouldn’t have tied for the most 1st team all defensive team at 9 of all time. He’s old school and Duncan didn’t come around tell 3 years later doesnt know how it was to ball in the 90’s, and u know what they say it’s always the quite ones that are the ass holes just to scared to come out his shell because he’s probably a big snob like Kobe that think their too good for everyone cuz they have more rings on their fingers.

    • Duncan came along 2 years later, won a championship in the 90’s, should have won an MVP too, and actually makes his team better because his teams were ACTUALLY better with Duncan playing. Russell and Wilt didn’t hate each other, they always respected each other. If you want KG to lead your team into battle, you better realize you’re taking a player who’s playoff numbers per 36 min are lower than his regular season numbers. Big time huh? Something that can’t be said of Duncan. More important games, better numbers. Simple as that.

  29. If ifs and buts were candy and nuts, every day would be C’mas. Duncan did not badmouth KG. The reporter was informed by a third party. You can whine about how Duncan did not deserve this or that, I could say KG is completely overrated. However the facts remain : two regular season MVP’s, three playoff MVP’s, nine first team all NBA’s. The comparison between Garnett and Russell is a joke. Garnett is a great player but he has not matched Duncan, let alone Russell. Maybe its not its fault but it changes nothing.

  30. Ya I mean obviously Duncan is the higher rated player because of his accomplishments, but all I’m trying to say is that take all awards away and we hit the courts for a game of street ball Duncan would get schooled by kg. One vs one not the spurs vs minnesota cuz last time I checked sota still ain’t made the playoffs in the 5 years kgs been gone and havnt come close. but the spurs remain the best team because they have a great program, Duncan is just a piece of the puzzle. And kgs been playing huge in the playoffs at 36 puttin up season highs because the c’s have needed to lean on him. If kg didn’t play the celtics wouldn’t be where there at I can’t say the same for Duncan with how deep the spurs are.

    • You can’t say any of that because you have no real points to your argument. 1 on 1. Yeah, LeBron’s probably the best one on one player, who gives a shit. Basketball is a team game. This isn’t tennis. Sota didn’t make the playoffs half of the time Garnett WAS there. C’s are “leaning” on KG all the way to that 7th game against the mighty 8 seeded Sixers. You watch those games they’re leaning on Rondo. He plays well they win, he doesn’t they lose.

      • Lmao garnetts been putting up 20 and 11 avg. At 36 years old while shooting above 50 percent enough said. And sota made it almost every year only 2 of the years they had a loosing record and ever since kg left they’ve been a lottery pick team every year. Point is kg is minnesota still to this day and they wanna try an give k love the MVP award lmao a ton of rebounds doesn’t make u a winner. Kg is a winner and I hope the celtics play the spurs I’m the finals so he can shit on Tim Duncan the most boring player to ever watch!!! I’d rather watch girls basketball then duncans lame game

  31. Nate all you’re doing is showing your ignorance! There’s an old saying “keep your mouth shut and let everyone think you’re a fool rather than open your mouth and remove all doubt”!

    • I think the way duncan played last night and the way kg played tonight proves my point! Smh… Who’s the fool now. Kg is so much better than Duncan it’s not even funny. Eli manning has more rings than Peyton does that means he’s better and so does nigh Ben. All rings mean is you play for a good program doesn’t make u a better player! Is Derrick fisher better than Steve Nash lmao I can prove my point all day

  32. Tim Duncan is the most over rated player in the game

  33. Besides aj what makes u such a basketball expert??? Do u play? Cuz last time I checked I play college ball. Or are just an other spectator that thinks he knows it all but doesn’t know how to play the game

  34. ahahaha tim duncan that soft ass pussy. garnetts been slapping him aorund ever since he got the beaaan. beantown love

  35. hey peter you fuck stick they drafted the truth instead aka paul pierce. a living legend

  36. People insist on comparing INDIVIDUAL players based on TEAM success – it’s an irrational comparison.

    You cannot compare the ability of two PLAYERS based on how much their TEAM won.

    In 2008 KG was traded and was surrounded by quality players for the first time in his entire career, and that season he won a title with KG being arguably the best player on the team. Watch the 2008 finals performance of KG and tell me he was a ‘lesser player’ in the playoffs – he was a beast against LA.

    2009 he was on that same talented team, and once again he was in the finals for the second straight season – Boston were looking like favorites for a repeat until Perkins went down with an injury and they lost in 7 games.

    The following season KG was hurt and missed the entire playoffs, and the Celtics suffered ealiest playoff exit they had experienced in the big 3 era – the impact of losing KG was obvious, and who knows how far they would have gone had he been healthy.

    All of this goes to show how important a strong supporting cast is when it comes to opportunites to win championships. You think KG suddenly jumped from a mediocre player to an elite one in the space of one year, fom 2007 – 2008 (when he won a ring)? Hell no, he was the same player…he just got some help.

    Boston almost knocked out highly favoured Miami team last season in the Playoffs with both Ray Allen and Pierce playing hurt, and half the team missing – it was KG who took the lead when he knew they needed him, and lifted his game (he averaged 20 and 10 over the playoff run) to give the Celtics a fighting chance.

    Have you even seen how dramatially Boston’s defence changed that season when KG went down? They went from a top 3 defense to a team that simply could not get a stop.

    Now I’m not saying Duncan isn’t a great PF, he is…but comparing who is a better player based on championships is garbage.

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