Tiger Woods yelled at a fan because her cell phone clicked during his swing

We already made the case that Tiger Woods is rounding into the Tiger Woods of old in certain parts of his life. Though, his play is not quite there yet, you can see the strides elsewhere.

We’ve already chronicled that his love of checking out the ladies seems to be coming back. And the first round of The Players Championship is an indication that his love of going berserk on noisy fans on the golf course is also coming back.

Apparently Woods was attempting a chip shot on Thursday when a woman’s cell phone clicked. By the time the shot stopped, it was 10 feet past the whole. And from there, Woods loudly let the woman know that she shouldn’t be making noise during his swing.

“Not in the middle of my swing,” Woods shouted and when Rickie Fowler’s caddie told the woman whose cell phone was involved what she had done, she responded, “Really?”

“We do that every week out here now,” Woods said later. “Guys were backing off. They got Hunter (Mahan) a couple times today and Rickie once, I believe. We don’t mind it, just put it on silent. It’s not that hard. But they don’t. It can cost guys tournaments, because a shot on Thursday is the same as a shot on Sunday.”

You’re almost back, Tiger. Now just get that game together.

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