Tiger Woods reportedly spent his Saturday in Las Vegas checking out the ladies

After Tiger Woods got his first victory since the sex scandal, folks were ready to claim that Tiger was back. And then he flamed out at the Masters and those folks realized that Tiger wasn’t back just yet.

But we’ve now gotten indication that at least one part of Tiger’s life may be getting back to normal. According to the New York Post, Woods was spotted in Las Vegas poolside taking in all the sights. And by sights, we mean the ladies.

He’s back!

Tiger Woods is back on the prowl in Vegas. The fallen golf great was surveying bikini-clad girls at the Liquid Pool at Aria Resort and Casino on Saturday. Woods made a low-key entrance through the back door and relaxed in a cabana with a few male friends and “good-looking girls,” said witnesses. Soon a group of women began fighting to get his attention. One source said, “There was a frenzy . . . many girls were trying to get up to his cabana, but were unsuccessful.” Woods, coming off his worst performance ever at the Masters, “seemed to be more interested in the people he was with.”

Just like old times.

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  1. keith rawls says:

    Tiger woods has shown his arrogance, stupidity, and crudeness to the world. Doesn’t have any respect for a woman and seems only to want to see how many he can screw. His parents must not have known what the word character meant in a persons life or they would have instilled in him better morals. The women who throw their selves at him are only in it for the notoriety and what they might get from being with him. Doesn’t say much about their morals and character either

    • So what..He’s single,and he can checkout anybody he wants.Renmember his wife got paid ,more than what I think she should’ve gotten,but he can do whatever he wants.That’s what single guys do,unless they are gay,then they go and check out the dudes in the area.

    • humpty says:

      Your comments are quite judgmental…do you know Tiger Woods and have control of his life? No!! Try getting a life of your own and minding your business. Tiger Woods could care less about your comments…especially on this useless waste of a blog. Why is the author following Tiger Woods? Who cares? In fact, I am reprimanding myself for wasting my time reading your inane comments on this insipid post.

    • Totally agree! Except for the parents part… being a parent- you do the best you can, then- it’s up to the individual to make the right choices. Everyone has a choice. He’s just a scum bag.

  2. RADDAR says:

    I think everyone needs to leave him alone. He has the right to do what he want too, within the law. It’s none of our business. I also think that his wife knew what he was doing and really didn’t care. I think she looked the other way and just let the MONEY, fall where it may. I’ll bet she was very unhappy when it became public and she felt there was no choice but to divorce him. Now, I would not do what he did, but….that does not mean he can’t…

  3. CircusObserver says:

    Tiger Woods made a mistake regarding his ex-wife. It appears that the past haunts him so we dont have to pigpile on his pain. He is human just like everyone else. I hope his game improves and he regains his golfing proficiency. In my mind Tiger Woods has only suffered a temporary set back and with discipline and determination he will once again set the example.

  4. OMG… all of you that think Tiger is all this and more and has “the right” are just as pathetic as he is- you all need to get a life …and morals!

  5. The man is worth over a Billion dollars……..don’t be a hater!

  6. Buckeye Booster says:

    Get off Tiger’s back fools!! He’s got all the right in the world to do what he wants on his own time !! Last time I checked he’s single and not hurting anyone!! Heck I’m happily married and I don’t mind a little window shopping now and then when it walks in front of me!! ……and I’ve got the sore ribs from my beautiful wife’s elbows to prove it!!! Go Tiger!! HA !

  7. HB Ando says:

    This is a classic example of the nonsensical misrepresentations and constant character assassinations that the media continue to relentlessly heap on Tiger Woods. The headline accuses him of being poolside Vegas, on the hunt for hotties, but the actual QUOTE in the article clearly states that despite a long line of women seeking to join Tiger and his group, Tiger DID NOT accumulate any ladies in his cabana and, in FACT, focused his attention on his group of friends. So how does his actual behavior support the title of the article?! WTF is up with sports’ journalism degenerating into tabloid BS? It’s no wonder Tiger is increasingly non-compliant with interacting with the media. Why would anyone offer their time and quotes to a collective of writers that has seemingly no other agenda than to smear Tiger, on both a personal and professional basis?!

    • well said. i do almost feel bad for him in that something like this ends up at the paper. imagine if every time you went to the bar or club there were headlines the next day talking about your “wild night out”. celebrity is evil.

  8. CircusObserver says:

    Linda you appear concerned about righteousness which is commendable. You need to reflect however on the bible and learn forgiveness. I am a female so this is not a man’s perspective. Tiger Woods is an incredible golfer and set the example for many people for many years. It is my hope that this man regains his discipline and determination because God gave him an amazing gift. It’s possible Tiger is being tested so that this althete learns to better appreciate his blessing.

  9. JOHN FERRENCE says:


  10. Liliah Hansen says:

    WOW . . . Tiger is single, attractive and in Vegas. Ahhh . . . he is doing what most people do in Vegas. He may not have made the best choices while being married but now that he is single . . . LET IT GO PEOPLE!

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