Things are beginning to get ugly between Wes Welker and the Patriots

One would’ve never thought the day would come that Wes Welker’s relationship with the Patriots was so strained that he could possibly be on his way out of New England.

Yes, there are contract issues, but that’s pretty normal in the world of professional sports. The athlete thinks he’s worth one thing and the team thinks he’s worth another. That’s just the way it works. But the situation between Welker and the Patriots is beginning to move beyond those elementary issues.

Things began to head south once Welker told the Boston Herald that contract talks with the team have “actually gotten worse”.  Of course, the comments have rubbed the Patriots the wrong way. And according to the Boston Globe, if comments like these continue to come from Welker, 2012 could be his final season with the team.

According to a team source, Welker’s decision to go public in recent weeks about negotiations has not gone over well with the Patriots; two weeks ago, when he made appearances on various ESPN programs, he made reference to holding out at least through full-team minicamp next month. His words have only increased the chances that 2012 will be his final season with the team.

We understand that the Patriots have no issues with cutting ties with anyone not named Tom Brady, but it’s still hard to fathom that they would cut Wes Welker loose.

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  1. Mark Brunton says:

    Wes is a great player, but how many productive years can a small slot receiver who goes across the middle have? I’m happy if he plays out his franchise contract and some other team picks him up for a huge contract next year. They’ll be overpaying for a good player on the downside of his career and the Patriots will move on. With Hernandez, Gronkowski, Edelman and the young receivers, they are not as reliant on Welker as they were two years ago.

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