The only thing that matters is regular season success, says Carlos Boozer

The best thing for a player to respond to questions moments after being eliminated from the NBA playoffs is to attempt to keep their emotions in check and respond in a measured, calculated manner. Especially when that player just went 1-11 from the field and scored just three points. But unfortunately, that’s not what Carlos Boozer chose to do following the Bulls’ series ending loss to the 76ers in game 6.

Boozer decided to respond to reporter’s questions about his performance and the season as a whole by spouting off the Bulls’ regular season accomplishments. Because obviously that’s the best way to make everyone feel better about his poor performance.

“I thought I played well, especially with the kind of season it was,” Boozer said, when asked to asses his second season in Chicago. “We had the best record again in basketball, won our division again, had the top seed again, that’s all that matters, yo.”

For $75 million dollars, it seems that all the Bulls have in Carlos Boozer is a 6’9” cheerleader.

It’s really a shame.

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