Terrell Suggs tore his achilles tendon, likely out for the season

According to ESPN, Terrell Suggs tore his ACL while “running his conditioning tests”. Earlier reports claimed that Suggs tore his achilles tendon while playing basketball, but Suggs denies that.

Either way, this is a big blow to a Ravens defense that has integral pieces that may be in their final go round.

In texts to ESPN, Suggs said he suffered the injury Saturday, “running my condition test.” He denied that the injury happened playing basketball, as some sources had told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter. Other sources had told Schefter that the injury happened during the conditioning test, as Suggs maintains.

Surgery is scheduled for next week, the sources said. The Ravens do not know if Suggs’ Achilles tendon is partially or fully torn as their doctors have not seen the results of Suggs’ MRI yet. The team is sending Suggs to see a specialist early next week to help make that determination.

Suggs said in a text to the Carroll County Times that he suffered a doctor told him he suffered a partial tear.
Suggs said in another text to the Carroll County Times that he plans to return to the field by the “Middle to end of October. Definitely beginning of November.”

He scoffed at reports he would miss the entire season.

“I love how you guys are saying out for the season. Just gonna make my comeback that much bigger,” he said in a text to the newspaper.

Even if Suggs is able to come back in October or November, he won’t be the same Terrell Suggs that we’re used to. Not this season at least.

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  1. Should the title say ACL? I thought it was the achilles?

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