Stephen A. Smith suggests that technical fouls called on the Celtics came from the NBA

It’s one thing for the public to suggest that the NBA favors a certain team winning in the playoffs. But it’s another for a journalist that works for a partner of the NBA to suggest that the NBA favors a certain team winning in the playoffs.

Well, that’s what Stephen A. Smith basically did last night in response to the multiple technical fouls that were handed out to the Celtics.

Smith gave his concerns over the technical fouls that most believe were undeserved which culminated with this statement:

“I’ve known a guy like Danny Crawford for years, who I believe was the one who issued that technical foul to Ray Allen. This guy is one of the elite referees in the game,” Smith said. “For the life of me, I can’t understand it. That makes no sense to me. Danny Crawford is a guy that’s been in this game for far too long. Don’t take me that this guy would just arbitrarily decide, ‘I’m going to give Ray Allen a tech for saying no and turning away.’ That’s got to be something that’s coming from the league. It makes no sense to me.”

Here are Smith’s full comments:


Someone in Bristol may be getting a call from the NBA office sometime today.


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  1. I beleive that all of the nba Refs make consistantly make bad calls for certain so called superstars in the league these days their really is no more so called superstars in this league any more their are some talented players ,but nothing like the jordans,magics,birds.karreems,worthys,barkleys,and yes shag,and kobes,these refs along with the commissioner david stern is trying to fantisize and make the good into great players that they are not,putting these players on the free throw line at games in ,and always puts them in a no loose situation,and barkley said what no one else would say and i agree with him 100 percent the refs just flat out find ways to cheat for favorite players and the favorite team and that is wrong their should have been more investigations on just about all of the so called veteran refs they all make very bad calls and they already no how they are going to call these games,and these young refs i think don’t have a clue of what is going on and they ware their hearts on their sleeves to much,and it should probably looked into and at more often,and that is some my take.

    • Ask David Stern why does he have to fine these these nba players for freedom of speech every time they call out the refs for making terible calls all the time ,freedom of speech is in the us constitution he and no one else can change that,he says what he wants and no one second guesses him ,that is a double standard in his favor.

  2. Kevin Roy says:

    Why is this video no longer available? I missed Stephen A. Smith’s comments after the game because I was sickened by the bad calls made by the referees, and retired to my bedroom in disgust. Now I am trying to find out exactly what he said, and ESPN pulls the video? Shame on you ESPN. I listened to Stephen A. this morning and I understand that he contacted the league. Rock on Mr. Smith! You have my respect, even though you picked Miami in 5. The league needs more people like Ray Allen and Doc Rivers, and to unfairly destroy their faith in playing in a playoff game that is professionally handled is despicable. It’s the Eastern Conference Finals for crying out loud! In my opinion, last night’s referee crew should not be allowed to work the rest of this series, if not the rest of the playoffs. And once again, shame on you ESPN!!!

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