Stanford’s offensive coordinator position is now called the “Andrew Luck Director of Offense”

Oh, you think we’re making this up, huh? Well we’re not. Stanford’s offensive coordinator position has indeed been renamed the “Andrew Luck Director of Offense”.

How does that happen, you ask? Well it happens when an anonymous donor with deep pockets gives the university a great sum of money and insists that the position be renamed to honor Andrew Luck.

And if you’re Stanford, how do you go against the wishes of someone waving a ton of money in your face. The short answer is, you don’t.

Stanford Athletics announced today that its offensive coordinator position has been endowed by a very generous gift from an anonymous donor in honor of graduating senior quarterback Andrew Luck.

This endowment is emblematic of the outstanding support we have at Stanford University,” said Bradford M. Freeman Director of Football David Shaw. “Beyond its extraordinary generosity, this gift is pioneering a new way to support the school that you love. Our supporters don’t just like their school; they love Stanford University, what we do and how we do it. They rally around the class and character of the scholar-athletes who attend Stanford. We are extremely grateful for this support, which helps set Stanford University apart from our competitors.”

“I am very pleased that Andrew Luck’s name will be perpetually tied to the Director of Offense position at Stanford,” said Shaw. “Because of his great play on the field, his intellect and his great relationships with the coaching staff, Andrew allowed us to do so much on offense the last three years at Stanford. He set the bar high for himself, for every quarterback who comes to Stanford, and for our performance on offense.”

“It is a huge tribute,” said Luck of his named Directorship. “To have anything endowed in my name is a complete honor. I feel very fortunate to have come to Stanford, and I have always enjoyed representing the University. The offensive coordinators I’ve had here helped me not only in football, but also to grow so much as a person. To be a part of that leadership and position is a very proud legacy for me.”

See what money can buy you?

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