Scott Skiles amazingly kept his job in Milwaukee but reportedly wants the Orlando Magic job

After leading the Milwaukee Bucks to a 31-35 record this season and missing the playoffs for the second straight season, most people thought it was a wrap for Scott Skiles in Milwaukee. Skiles himself reportedly thought it was a rap as well because according a NBA official, Skiles “cleaned out his office after the season.”

But alas, Skiles somehow was not fired and the Bucks are preparing for yet another year under Skiles’ direction. But with news of Stan Van Gundy getting let go in Orlando, Skiles is reportedly hoping that he’s preparing for his first season as the Magic’s coach sometime soon.

The Magic position opened up Monday when Stan Van Gundy, who once coached at the University of Wisconsin, was shown the door.

Those who know Skiles well insist he would crawl to Orlando to be the Magic’s coach. Skiles not only has a house in the Orlando area but he played five years with the Magic while becoming one of their most beloved players ever.

More importantly, Skiles is one of Richard DeVos Sr.’s all-time favorites. DeVos is the owner of the Magic. It’s hardly a secret DeVos wants an NBA title in the worst way and has to realize it would be foolish at this stage — especially if all-world center Dwight Howard remains in the Magic Kingdom — to bring in an untested young coach instead of a proven, quality coach like Skiles.

Hiring Skiles would also be a p.r. bonanza for the Magic as their fans most certainly would embrace a Skiles’ “homecoming.’’

Yeah, yeah, yeah. The “homecoming” angle sounds great and all, but let’s be real. There is definitely a better candidate out there. If that doesn’t work out for the Magic, then maybe they should turn to Skiles. But not before.

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