Pacers celebration after winning game 2 irritated Dwyane Wade

Before Chris Bosh’s injury, the Indiana Pacers were the consensus underdog in the series against the Miami Heat. Now with Bosh out, some are beginning to believe that the Pacers have a golden opportunity to knock off the Heat. And that group now includes the Pacers themselves.

As the second half wore on in game 2, you could see the confidence building in the Pacer bunch and once they held on for the win, the young Pacers couldn’t contain themselves. They celebrated like they had just won the NBA title.

Pacers veteran David West insisted that his young teammates’ “act like they’ve been there” to no avail. And West wasn’t the only one who thought that the Pacers’ celebration was a little much. Dwyane Wade did too.

“I heard they wanted to be like the Dallas Mavericks, in a sense,” Wade said about an apparent reference to Pacers coach Frank Vogel using last year’s Mavs team, which beat the Heat in Miami for the title, as motivation for Indiana. “I saw their little celebration at the end of (Game 2). I don’t know if they didn’t expect to win, but every night we go out on the court, we expect to win.”

“They say their identity, they say they want to be like Dallas,” Wade said. “So they celebrated like Dallas, I guess.”

Told what Wade said, Pacers guard Paul George said he didn’t see anything wrong with what his team did after the game.

“If that’s what he wants to fuel this loss, they should come out just the fact that we came here and took a win from them,” George told FOX Sports Florida. “But we won this like we weren’t surprised. We won it, and went right to the locker room.”

George said Wade was just looking for something to motivate the Heat.

“I think it’s an excuse,” George said. “We won this game fair and square. We walked off and went to the locker room and now we’re ready to get out of here. … It’s the same way when they won (Game 1). They celebrated, so we just did the same thing.”

This is a young Pacers bunch, so you can’t really fault them for celebrating. Game 2 was just an eye opener to them that they have a great opportunity here to get to the conference finals. That’s why they were jubilant after the game.

As for Dwyane Wade, he has more pressing issues to worry about than the Pacers celebrating.

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  1. bill schettle says:

    Boo-hoo Wade. No love lost from a lot of people now that you hitched your wagon to Chump James. The respect you had sure has diminished now that you’re playing second fiddle.

    • Mike Green says:

      Dude, Wade has nothing to prove. He has been there and done that. He is a true closer, always has been.

  2. Lenny Williams says:

    Who cares what Wade thinks is excessive? Nobody. Remember that gay little stage celebration those three put on when LeBron was signed? Well this is karma coming back to bite the Heat again. No title for you, just a bunch of regular season hype that does not translate into a championship. Go tell somebody else you sob story Dwayne Wade, no get no love here….

    • edwin heatnation knowles says:


    • Mike Green says:

      Lenny doesn’t Wade have a ring?

  3. fretyblue says:

    why do these supposedly superstars think that no one should high five and chest bump a win but them; if they think their supposed to win all their games why didn’t they go 66-0 and what about their boxing routine before games that made them look like fools when they lost!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. LyvWyre313 says:

    They got the boxing routine from Chauncey Billups & Rip Hamilton when they were with the Pistons as for their pre-game antics. I agree with all comments posted except the fact that U guys are leaving out that these are 3 Olympians, Gold Medalists at that! And they can’t beat Indiana? I’m sick of the league handing LeBron James accolades that he has yet to earn and making him the “readymade” Champion. D-Wade only won in ’06 ‘cuzza Shaq and the fact that they stacked the roster with Hall of Famers & All-Stars that year (Mourning, Gary Payton, Antwan Walker, Jason Williams). Poor Bosh… All he wanted to do was leave Canada he never bargained for any of this (smh)

    • yeah you have no credibility when it comes to discussing hoops lyvwyre313.thers so much wrong with what u said its not even funny.

    • HEAT NATION says:


    • Canezone says:

      What cuzza of Shaq….what Finals wewe u uwatching. WAde won the MVP not Shaq. Wake up. We will this seires in 5. Relax you haters

    • Mike Green says:

      Wade won because of who? Dude take a month and watch sports center 24hours a day. Then read some books from the past 10 years about basketball cause you don’t know sh#t. Wade won that damn near by himself.

      • Wade won the title vs Dallas by himself?????…. lol, now thats funny. Not only does it discount the help the officiating GAVE them, it discounts all the others that played in that faulted series.

  5. Wade must have forgotten what it’s like to be young and full of fun when you win a important game. These Pacers didn’t come looking to bow down to Miami .. They won and were jubilent and rightfully so

  6. Wade thinks they deserve respect?, Don’t make us laugh Wade, have you forgotten about all those teams you and LeBron disrespect all the time?, doing dances in front of their bench and other things, well karma is a b!^(#!

  7. Drumdog says:

    Gee Dwyane, ever thought that maybe teams don’t appreciate you and LeBron’s constant showboating? Well, there’s a taste of your own medicine, buddy. Don’t like it? Then step up and make sure they don’t have REASON to celebrate. What comes around, goes around.

  8. boohoo…. how about when wade foul collison and lebron taking his frustration on granger

  9. I think Wade is trying to create some bulletin board material. If you need something like this to get your team up for the playoffs, your team is lacking. Wade and the Heat in general have absolutely zero cred in talking about celebrations when they were celebrating their seventh ring before they even had their first.

  10. Whiner, excuse maker, baby andnow hypocrite…your own team members-LeBrag included-or should I say LeBrag front and center recently started dancing right on the sidelines DURING a game inChicago. Noah thought they were acting ridiculous and made some comments. What did Lebron do? First he aggresively went up to Noah, who was sitting down and had to be stopped. But did he let it go? No, of course not. In typical dirty style shortly after, he smashed his arm against Noah’s face during a play earning him a flagrant foul 1. Watching the replay, it should have been a 2 and he should have been tossed but of course the ‘king’ wasn’t. So why is it ok crybaby Wade for your team to dance DURING a game but not okay for the ones who whipped you to celebrate? You and James just keep piling up more and more reasons to not just dislike you but to rule you out as really GREAT players…great athletic machines maybe,but not great players…

  11. joeyjust4u2 says:

    The Heat just lost a game,as usual,they will be back,there is always an A–Hole that has some crap to say. GO HEAT!!! The A–Holes know who they are!!!!!

  12. Dear D-Wade,
    You and the rest of the Miami Heat could sure use a dose of humility. Until you guys grow up and mature you will never win what you’re chasing. I’m talking maturing not just on the court which is very much needed, but off the court as well. Sometimes the thing to do is to swallow spit, shut your mouth and play ball. If you guys would put as much energy in your on court performance, as you do your pregame side circus antics you wouldn’t have to worry about other teams celebrating on your home court. You guys have enough talent to control that. But it won’t happen until you so-called leaders on this team grow the hell up.
    Until that day comes, get comfortable with that frustrating feeling deep down in the pit of your stomach.
    DALLAS MAVS! World Champs 2011

    • Mike Green says:

      Question: Where is Dallas now? When you find out, go with them. Since your team is out….you are out.

  13. Win next time and celebrate how you want…

  14. Are you kidding Wade these kids have not won anything they beat you at home and you don’t like their celebrating.? Lets grow up win and nobody celebrates but the Heat. Honestly Wade its Indiana maybe they knew Bird won Exec of Year a day early. Maybe it wasn’t about you. Can you imagine that.?

  15. win the game and u won’t see them celebrate!!!

  16. To all basketball fans I have been watching Dwayne Wade for some time now he is one of the dirtest player I have ever seen.He will try to hurt you and put on that schoolboy look.He needs to be banned from playing ball.

  17. Um…This is the same D-Wade who threw Mike Bibby’s shoe off the court during the last round of the playoffs? Bibby who also happened to be a teammate of Wade last year.
    What a punk…Always has….Always will….

  18. I am not a heat hater, but D.Wad has become a prima dona. plain and simple.

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