NFL Films producer says Dolphins were only team offered Hard Knocks

Today seems to be “attempt to convince people to believe something that they know isn’t true” day. First, Jim Harbaugh tried to convince you that the 49ers didn’t pursue Peyton Manning. And now a producer wants you to believe that the Miami Dolphins were the only choice for HBO’s Hard Knocks.

The announcement came earlier this week that the Dolphins would be on Hard Knocks. And if you choose to believe NFL Films senior coordinating producer Ross Ketover, which you don’t, the Dolphins were the only team that was offered the show.

“We cast a wide net,” Ketover said. “We talk to a lot of teams to gauge their interest. Some are very interested. Some are interested with caveats that are not acceptable with us. Others say we’ll do it in future years. Others are not interested.

“The fact of the matter is, despite what you read, we did not offer the show to any other team but the Dolphins.”

Guess all the back and forth within the Jets organization about the show was part of the “gauging their interest” phase. Or just for their health.

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  1. They might actually be most qualified; I don’t know. They are a good team, too though, that is a little weird sounding. I really like the Dolphins…

  2. Go dolphins lets start taking our rightful place amongst the elite

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