New Jersey Devils now say it’s fine for Devils fans to sell their tickets to Rangers fans

Earlier this week, the New Jersey Devils unveiled their “No Blue” campaign. The sole purpose of the campaign was to ensure that New York Rangers fans are unable to purchase tickets for games 3 and 4 in New Jersey.

Of course, we didn’t believe that it would work. And with Delta Air Lines offering a more convenient way for Rangers fans to make the trip from New York to Newark, it became almost a guarantee that it wouldn’t work.

So with the inevitability of Rangers fans making their way into the Prudential Center anyway, the Devils have made an about-face. And GM Lou Lamoriello is now saying that Rangers fans a welcome in the Prudential Center.

“Every fan should feel safe coming to games here,” Devils president and GM Lou Lamoriello said. “Every fan.”

Earlier this week, a campaign was launched on the Devils’ website to prevent Ranger fans — known to be a rather, ahem, boisterous group — from purchasing tickets for Devils home games on the secondary market. While no threats were made, the message was clear: Keep out, Ranger fans.

“I was very disappointed, very disappointed personally, when I heard about that,” Lamoriello said of the campaign. “It is my understanding that that is no longer out there.”

The campaign quickly became the target of Rangers fans’ ridicule on Twitter and was taken off the Devils’ website, replaced with the more subtle suggestion to “protect home ice.”

That’s too bad. Was really looking forward to seeing if this actually worked. Even though we knew it wouldn’t.

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