Looks like Warren Sapp will keep his NFL Network job after all

Things may be finally looking up for Warren Sapp. After having to file bankruptcy and losing his job on Showtime’s “Inside The NFL”, USA Today is reporting that Sapp will actually keep his job with the NFL Network.

It was widely believed that Sapp would ultimately lose his job with the NFL Network as well, but the network decided to pick up an option year on his contract.

In revealing the move publicly for the first time, NFLN executive producer EricWeinberger tells USA Today Sports that “this is probably going to be news to some blogs and articles out there who’ve said his time is up here, but we picked up an option year on his contract.” Sapp’s on-air duties, including working NFLN’s Sunday pregame show, will remain essentially the same.

So now Sapp has a job and a new book about to hit the shelves. Someone’s going to be buying more Jordan’s and nude paintings of women.

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