Looks like Ozzie Guillen is back to being Ozzie Guillen

Well, it didn’t take long for Ozzie Guillen to return to the Ozzie Guillen of old. We hadn’t heard much from Guillen, other than an apology, since being suspended for his Fidel Castro comments. So it actually could be argued that Guillen had finally gotten it.

But just as you begin to think that we may be seeing a new and improved Ozzie Guillen, the same old Ozzie Guillen rears its ugly head.

In an interview with Sportstalk 610’s Paul Gallant, Guillen is asked a seemingly reasonable question about whether or not the backlash from his Castro comments had died down in Miami. But of course, Guillen finds the question unreasonable and responds with a “f&#*in grow up, motherf#*@$er.”

H/T Awful Announcing

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