Lance Berkman believes that the Cardinals “have not lost anything” by replacing Albert Pujols with Carlos Beltran

Make no mistake about it, the Cardinals seem to be adapting well to life after Albert Pujols. Obviously much better than the Angels are adapting to life with Pujols.

Predictably, people want to know just how the Cardinals are continuing to contend in the National League after losing arguably the best player in baseball. So Lance Berkman took it upon himself to let us all in on why things continue to go so well in St. Louis.

According to Berkman, in an interview with KTAR in Phoenix, the Cardinals are doing so well because with the addition of a healthy Carlos Beltran, they “have not lost anything”. In fact, he believes that the difference between what Beltran provides them offensively and what Pujols provided “is not great”.

“Well, I think you have to look at who we brought in to replace Albert, and that’s Carlos Beltran. Obviously Albert is widely considered — and justly so — the best hitter in the game. But if you look at Carlos Beltran when he’s healthy and when he’s playing up to his abilities, the difference between what Carlos provides you offensively and what Albert can provide is not great. It might be five or six home runs, it might be 10 or 15 RBI over the course of the season, and so you’re really — with the addition of Carlos and the fact that he’s healthy and with the way that he’s been playing, we haven’t lost anything. I think certainly that, like you said, you don’t get better when you lose the best hitter of a generation and he goes to another team, but the team is about more than one person, it’s 25 guys. And if you look at our roster, we have a solid roster. I would say that we have the best offense in the National League and I’m not even sure there’s a close second. And I think our pitching staff is really good and it got better when we got Adam Wainwright back from his Tommy John surgery. And so those factors combined — I said in spring training, ‘Hey, I know we’ve lost some guys, particularly Albert and Tony (La Russa), talking about two Hall of Famers, but look at who we have left, look at who is still on this roster.’ Eighteen of the 25 guys that won the World Series last year with the addition of Carlos Beltran and Adam Wainwright back from arm surgery — it adds up to a great team and I think we’ve proved that when we’re playing up to our capabilities we’re gonna be tough to beat.”

How quickly they have forgotten about Albert Pujols in St. Louis.

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  1. Lance says it all, except what he didnt say. I see Albert as a very selfish man all Abert no team. The fans in St Louis gave him there all, his comment he dosen’t miss St louis. Look at him now, his NICE AVERAGE TO GO WITH HIS 1 HOME RUN. Well I say were glad you dont miss us and your replacement is doing a hell a-lot better then you.

  2. Mike Frye says:

    The St. Louis Cardinals are fun to watch this year with their explosive offense! It is a long season and players staying healthy is important and our relief staff of pitchers must perform. Regarding Albert, I wish him well, as Beltran is having a great start and Albert is experiencing a very frustrating beginning to his new home away from Busch Stadium. We shall see how this plays out and hopefully alot of good baseball to come! Go Cardinals!

  3. boscocardinalfan says:

    I think the Cardinals are very fortunate to have some veteran players like Berkman, Beltran, Furcal and Holliday to go along with allot of younger players that also has great talent. As far as Mr. Pujols goes it is sad he is not doing so well. He left for the money and did not stay in St. Louis where his legacy would have been right up there with Stan “The Man” Musial’s. No statue in St. Louis for Albert.

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